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Outsourced PH [M]

sinokabasinokaba PExer
edited July 2019 in The Working Filipino

Any PeXer familiar with or working for Outsourced PH?
Any information about their work environment, work load, work type, salary and benefits?



  • up! curious din ako hehe.
  • @primemoose

    nag-apply ka sa kanila?
  • @sinokaba yup, pero anxious ako dito kasi wala masyado info hehe. Ikaw?
  • @primemoose
    yup... nag-apply na din... ano *** inapplyan mo?
  • @sinokaba Django Mid Level Developer, ikaw?
  • C# Software Engineer...

    Naguguluhan nga ako doon sa JD eh...
  • bakit ****?
  • indi ko kasi ma-clear out kung tipong "agency" ba sila or indi...
  • Up... please share something about this company. Thanks.
  • albertosalbertos PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mag-6 months pa *** ako dito sa company na to. Ok dito. I came from the top IT companies in the Phil. and I said i just want to take a break from all those shifting work hehehe and so i came here, they gave me a good offer and so i accepted the offer. This company is owned by a young entrepreneur from Australia so most of the projects here are from australia. you will also be working in AU time. you come into office at 7 am and leave at 4 pm. iwas traffic ok na din hehe.
    Upon signing of your contract you will choose either you want to be a consultant or a regular employee. the benefit of being a consultant is that your tax will only be 15% so 50% of employees here has chosen to be a consultant. in terms of benefits wala masyado but they have maxicare, leaves etc. but they give good salary. i think for me ok na sya.
    so far yan pa *** mashashare ko. good lucks.
  • mocutemocute PEx Rookie ⭐

    Anyone working sa NOC nila? Their HR is contacting me medyo hesitant p ko ituloy yung application.
    Any more details sa company?thanks!
  • mocutemocute PEx Rookie ⭐
    up! sana may sumagot :)
  • Hi guys, here's my experience with Outsourced:

    All I can say is may good side ang company, pero as it grew and expanded nagkaron din ng mga disadvantages.

    The benefits for me are: Good pay (higher than industry standard), they offer a tax relief solution if you choose to be an independent consultant rather than an employee (although I prefer to be employee talaga because of government compliance). Lots of company events, may pa-spa, merong movie night, bowling night, bonggang Christmas parties, Christmas groceries, etc. Mejo ok naman in that aspect.

    Now let's go to the dark side.

    1. Swertehan ng client. As u know outsourced.ph is a staffing agency at swerte mo qng mailagay ka sa client na pang long term. I am a bit lucky in this aspect kase na-assign ako sa flagship client nila (sister company owned by the Au company president himself) kaya mejo naging secure ang employment ko. Pero marami akong officemates dito na na-terminate ang contract without prior notice.

    I mean, this afternoon pauwe na yung employee, then they received notice from management na last day na nila! It happens many times per year. So mailap ang job security dito, kung ma-assign ka sa client na di pang long term.

    2. People are expendable and easily replaceable here - I mean you're partying with your project manager this night and then the next day malalaman mo na lang wala na siya sa company at naterminate na ang contract niya. This same thing happened to regular people I know dito.. Actually yung mga still working in the company often joke on "who's next" or "sino ang next na bibitayin".

    3. They don't pay people fairly for special non working holidays. There are people here who work on holidays at walang double pay. No work no pay ang special non working holidays and the computation of daily rate is still unclear and always puts the employee at a disadvantage (yeah they are more pro-client than pro-employee). Pag nag ask ka ng clarification, you will be met with some sarcasm from management.

    Marame pa po, so that's just my honest review of the company -- the good, the bad, and everything in between.

    If you think you want some challenge in your career, have nothing to lose and want to delve into risky territory, try this company. If you're in a safe, secure job --I would say it's not worth risking your career with outsourced.ph. Opinion lang po.
  • TheUninvitedTheUninvited PEx Rookie ⭐

    Was contacted for an app support engr role. Kaso katakot yung post above me. Any more feedbacks?
  • I was also called for app support role, pero nung nabasa ko *** last na nag share about this company, medyo natakot ako for long term goals. Hope may mag share ng ibang experience. :(
  • TheUninvitedTheUninvited PEx Rookie ⭐
    Oo nga katakot eh. Pero okay kase shift 6-3pm Tues-Sat.. Kaso grabe katakot materminate ng basta basta. Kahit ba full time post pwede materminate agad??

  • warriorxXxwarriorxXx PEx Rookie ⭐
    Start date ko dito bukas. Wahaha wish me luck sirs.
  • Only good things to say. Work environment is great, all staff are fun and friendly, salary is much higher than industry standard, benefits are great! lots of events. One of the best places to work. :)
  • redwine88redwine88 PEx Rookie ⭐
    warriorxXx wrote: »
    Start date ko dito bukas. Wahaha wish me luck sirs.

    kamusta naman so far?
  • mocute wrote: »

    Anyone working sa NOC nila? Their HR is contacting me medyo hesitant p ko ituloy yung application.
    Any more details sa company?thanks!

    Stable ang NOC Team, client really take care of us and providing mga certifications pa nga. This is our fb page- https://www.facebook.com/outsourcedqa/?fref=ts (we really promote work life balance talaga). I think ito yung new promo video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Q48kFid8k&feature=youtu.be :)
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