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Can Elton Brand resurrect the Bulls?

Are Elton Brand's wide shoulders enough to carry the Bulls back to decency in the NBA?


  • Not by himself he can't. Wait till next year, when the Bulls go after either Grant Hill or Tim Duncan ,whom both will become free agents after this season.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I think the Bulls will be marginally better this year than last year with Brand. He has been steady but not spectacular in preseason. The ones that have been great during the preseason are Francis, Odom and Shawn Marion (Phoenix). I think the Bulls are dreaming if they think they can pry away either Hill or Duncan since the teams they are with right now are likely to sign them up for the rest of their careers. I'm not even sure the Bulls can offer the same money as their original teams could.
  • No.

    The Suns are the team to beat.
  • I've been watching all of the Bulls preseason games and Brand will not resurrect the Bulls. He's gonna need a great playmaker for the Bulls to even be thinking of post season ball. I'll be surprised if the Bulls win 40 this year. They'll probably end up winning around 30-35 games.

    Wait till next year or the year after next or well... There's only one MJ.

  • i agri with kaboom...the bulls can't win by his lonesome

    he's not michael jordan...maybe if they got hill and duncan...

  • I just saw the Bulls' opening game against the Knicks and i take my prediction back... I will be very surprised if the bulls go over 30 wins this year. They have no scorer at all whatsoever!
    My prediction: They will average less points than any other team in the league and the only reason they'll go over 20 wins is because they don't have to play the west coast lineups like Phoenix, Portland, LA, Denver, Utah, and San Antonio so often.

    It's gonna be a long season for us Bulls fans.

  • of courese not!!! not even jordan (considered the best who ever played the game) resurrected the bulls during the time he played.he could not done it without phil jackson, scottie pipen, etc. Basketball is a team game. no one can do it alone.

  • No. No. No.

    Hope they land first in the lottery next year.

    Kaboom!: Nasa US ka ba ngayon? Suwerte mo may DirectTV ka. If not, saan mo napapanood ang Bulls games?
  • Wala na atang pag-asa ang bulls, eh! At least for the next few years..
  • I've been in Chicago for the past four weeks and I tell you what... Hindi suerteng maka panood nang Bulls game this year. I've seen their first three games and it is embarassing. Walang offense. Come to think of it... no defense either. They're relying on Hoyberg? Willoby? David? Perdue? Brown? Ansty?
    Brand and Kukoc are the only solid players and they're not even superstar level. Artest has potential but I meant what I said that they will be the lowest scoring team this year. They simply cannot score... even with the triangle or square offense.
    The lottery will be the highlight of this year's Bulls season.

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