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What 2 NBA teams will play in the 2015 NBA Finals for the championship?

Early in the year I really believed it was going to be the Spurs vs. Miami Heat again...LOL!

As of March 2015, everything has changed and my opinion has changed...big time. Player injuries have made good teams turn into bad teams.

If your favorite team is competing in the West, it is going to be very, very hard to reach the NBA Finals. I believe the Golden State Warriors will be in the finals.

In the East, I'm sad to say that it really looks like Cleveland will be in the finals. I am a Miami Heat fan so it is hard to cheer for Cleveland.

Cleveland can win the championship, but if the game is close and LeBron has to make free throws at the foul line in order to win the game, Cleveland will lose. LeBron does not shoot foul shots like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

So, I'm picking Golden State Warriors to win everything...LOL!


  • dudelebowskidudelebowski PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    West is really wide open. Even if OKC ends up at 8th seed they can still reach the finals as long as they are complete and at 100%. In the first round it would be GSW vs OKC and I'm predicting that whoever wins that series will make it all the way through.

    In the East, it's really just Atlanta or Cleveland. I don't see anyone else making the finals.
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