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Hey der, give me your thoughts & opinions on the movie of Lance Bass & Joey Fatone of N'Sync. Looks like a great date movie, love the soundtrack! Looking forward to watching it... *okay*


  • cutie16cutie16 .: (",) :. PExer
    i've already seen that movie na. cute yung story. tapos, sa ending may surprise guests. alam mo na siguro kung sino sila! :)
  • mische_15mische_15 it's.u.i.crave PExer
    Really, thanks 4 d info cutie16. Can't wait til' Jan. 4!:D
  • cutie16cutie16 .: (",) :. PExer
    you're welcome! :D :D
  • scrollscroll Member PExer

    if you want to watch the movie and not wait for jan 4, you can do so by buying the pirated copy... hehehe :evil_lol:

    i read a review of the movie and it sucks daw... but still, im plannin to watch it kse cute si lance!!!!!!! hehehehe
  • cutie16cutie16 .: (",) :. PExer
    di maganda yung movie. sobrang impossible na mangyari yun. cute movie though kasi nandon si lance. :)
  • darbydarby Rockstar Poser PExer
    I'm not into n'sync ad the likes pero mukang cute yung movie!!! The girl is pretty and cute nung story.....
  • mische_15mische_15 it's.u.i.crave PExer
    Hey der, thanks for the posts everyone BTW Merry Christmas! :) For more info on the movie, just check out www.getontheline.com
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    where nga pala nag-appear si Emmanuelle Chriqui?

  • scrollscroll Member PExer
    Emmanuelle chriqui also appeared sa 100 girls and A.I. (but i don't know sinu sha sa AI... i didn't see her, or baka di ko lang napansin!!)
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    if ever man na panuorin ko sha.... si lance lang ang dahilan. :love:
  • gastrixiagastrixia Surf's Up! PExer
    the movie is predictable...what can you expect, it has boy band members in it...lance can't act but he's cute (heheh) and joey's fun to watch.
  • mische_15mische_15 it's.u.i.crave PExer
    Thanks for the posts, anyway even though the movie is quite predictable I'm still planning to watch it. Wanna see personally how Lance & Joey act in their Film Debut...:D
  • posse08posse08 loyal green archer PExer
    I love the movie on the line! Ang ganda ng story and ang ganda ng movie. Wat do u think guys?!
  • ElfstoneElfstone You Shall not PASS PExer
    :fork_off: On the Line?...yeah right... okay...
  • GrouchoGroucho drinkless drunk PExer
    Out of desperation for a non-Tagalog film, I watched ON THE LINE. (Too bad I watched LORD OF THE RINGS last December and there was not much choice between GLASS HOUSE and ON THE LINE).

    There are three things why this film is compulsively watchable:

    (1) The beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui. She is pretty. Where did she come from? She has this odd mixture of Philippina beauty with a Latin touch. Its easy to see why anyone can fall in love with her. Me included.

    (2) The presence of r&b legend Al Green. Its not often that a singer of such stature agree to star in a film (the last time I remembered a singer starred in the film for the reason that both protagonists love him was in the Warren Beatty-Annette Bening version of LOVE AFFAIR where the great Ray Charles sang "The Christmas Song"). I absolutely adore Al Green's classic "Let's Stay Together". Great song.

    (3) Cathartic Ending. I mean, real catharsis. This film reminds you of similar films but done much much better. However, this film one-ups other romantic comedies because of the real cathartic ending. I wish this was the ending for SERENDIPITY because it was more absorbing and more exciting and you want a real magical meeting between Cusack and Beckinsale. However, ONE THE LINE's ending was quite uplifting, it makes you feel good for feeling good about it.

    However, the film as a whole is not the greatest invention since slice bread.
  • shallowshallow Ghost of Ian Rush PExer
    Originally posted by Groucho
    (1) The beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui. She is pretty. Where did she come from? She has this odd mixture of Philippina beauty with a Latin touch. Its easy to see why anyone can fall in love with her. Me included.

    she appeared in "100 Girls". it's about a guy who gets it on with a mystery girl (it's Chriqui as a goth chick) in an elevator. the guy searches the whole college for her since he never did get her name or number. waitaminit... that sounds exactly like this film.
  • GrouchoGroucho drinkless drunk PExer
    Thanks for the info about Chriqui. Yep, 100 GIRLS' premise sounds exactly like ON THE LINE.

    I should have made myself clear the first time. This film is only watchable because of the three things I said above. Otherwise, its like watching a film that was done hundreds of times before, and those hundred versions are much better.

    The reason I chose to watch ON THE LINE than GLASS HOUSE was because Miramax distributed ON THE LINE. As we all know, Miramax is the art-film distributor of Disney and certainly, Miramax has had fewer duds than, say, Fine Line Films (another art-film distributor). The first time I heard that Miramax was going to distribute SCREAM, I thought: "Aww, come ON!". Then when I watched SCREAM, I thought it was a fun film that makes fun of ttself and skewers itself and the horror genre in general. For liking the film, I began to trust the taste of the Weinstein brothers of Miramax for their chutzpah and guts to release films of these types which are 180 degrees from, say, THE CRYING GAME or HOWARDS END.

    So when I finally watched ON THE LINE with those things in mind, I was not prepared for a disappointment. It was hollow, uncomplicated, verges-on-the-silly, but done with good intentions and its heart is on its rightful place. Maybe it was a mistake to cast Lance Bass and Joey Fatone and a whole caboodle of misfits-as-friends (although GQ was quite good at being bad!). However, unlike silly films, there were at least three redeeming factors working right for the film for me (i.e. catharsis, casting Chriqui, and making Al Green sing without looking silly).

    This film should be watched when there are no alternatives left. And if you are expecting it to be bad or vacuous, its really unfair to call it that and certainly not as bad like what most critics said it was (I feel that some critics are snobbish types who always diss films like this, especially when a non-actor [like Bass and Fatone] are featured).

    But do check out LORD OF THE RINGS instead. Its meant to be watched twice. I wish Chris Columbus would watch it too and be told: "this is how to do a Harry Potter film!".
  • sherlocksherlock Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i also liked the movie's ending. and i loved the soundtrack!!!! ang ganda nung mga kanta ng movie...
  • mische_15mische_15 it's.u.i.crave PExer
    COOL Ending & Great Soundtrack too!!! *okay*
  • sherlocksherlock Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by mische_15
    COOL Ending & Great Soundtrack too!!! *okay*


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