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Questions about Mapua for next year's freshie :)

I failed the big four but passed 32 degree courses in Mapua. I'm happy and too excited because after all Mapua is really my dream school. The problem is we can't afford the tuition fee because I only have one parent who is paying for the tuition fees of my other five siblings who are currently in elementary, high school and college. So imagine the big amount he has been spending in education alone! The tuition fee in Mapua is 34k/sem and mas mahal ng onti sa Ateneo. :(

I am wondering if there are any other scholarships available in Mapua? For example varsities or others? Also, can I apply for scholarship sa second semester lang IF my grades are high enough? I tried to apply for a scholarship but sadly my exam score didn't meet the required score for scholarship :( I'm sad because my dad told me to apply to other universities like FEU... the thing is I don't want to and Mapua is my dream school. Kahit alam ko na mahirap, kakayanin ko kasi I want to be an engineer. Sa totoo lang, nanghihinayang din sila pag-aralin ako sa Mapua kasi di naman ako ganun katalino talaga pero sa Math at Science okay ako. Totoo rin po ba na madami nadedelay? Natatakot ako kasi baka masayang tuition ko :( ME kukunin ko eh.

At required ba talaga bumili ng books? Di pwede like sa UP yung photocopy lang? Medyo mahal kasi eh. Ako lang kasi bibili ng books nahihiya ako humingi sa tatay ko. :(( Sorry po maraming tanong nag-aalala ako sa future ko e.
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