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best science high schools rated by alumnae

please help us to pick a really good science (STEM) high school for our son. alumnae who are now out in the working world can provide a really good perspective that will be very helpful to us. please rate your alma mater in terms of the various factors that you consider important. how were the teachers in terms of competency and approachability? what is the average teacher student ratio, as you remember? how about the curriculum? the campus itself? the student body--friendly, snobby, bright, and the pinoy/ international ratio ? the level of up to date technology available? the usefulness of the education as it pertains to you now in the working world? the respect for your school among college administrators? (did it open doors?) the costs? books? the level of safety on campus? if you had it to do over, would you want to attend the same school, or another? please rate anything you think would be helpful for perspective students. we're looking in the general area of manila and nearby provinces, but please include any science or STEM high school you have attended, regardless of province. I apologize for asking the questions in English. salamat po.

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