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Labor Relations for Business Protection

DATE: February 21, 2015 – Saturday
TIME: 9:00Am – 4:00PM


Part of the unexpected but costly expense incurred by company or an employer is litigation arising from claims due to illegal dismissal/termination. This frequently happens when employers, through any of its Human Resources or Administration Managers act whimsically as they are not knowledgeable of the usual practices and requirements of the Law. Employers may always disengage the services of any of its employees in instances where an employee is grossly unwanted due to grave misconduct or any other just or authorized causes enumerated by the law but such must be done properly and in accordance with the generally accepted principle of law and practices.

Expenses arising from this cases may cost the employers BIGTIME as this includes Attorney’s fees, backwages, separation pay, damages etc. and hence, must be prevented only when proper knowledge has been acquired. This can happen anytime and hence not seasonal and learning this is imperative. Stay out of this trouble by learning the right procedures, rules and regulations as mandated by the Department of Labor and Employment, proper way of dealing with employees and many more! This is recommended for Human Resources and Labor relations practitioners, officers in management positions, Businessman handling employees and anyone interested in this discipline.

I. Constitutional Foundation
A. Section 18, Article 2 – Promotion of Welfare
B. Section 12, Article 2 – Preferential use of Filipino labor
C. Section 3, Article 13 – Full protection to labor
D. Section 9, Article 2 – Promotion of Full Employment
E. Section 1, Article 13 – Promotion of Social Justice

II. Statutory provisions giving life to constitutional principles on labor
A. Article 3, Labor Code
B. Article 211, Labor Code
C. Article 4, Labor Code

III. Concept of Employer-Employee Relationship
A.Four-fold Test
B. Engagement or hiring
C. Control test
D. Payment of Wages
E. Power of Dismissal

IV. Forms of Employment
A. Regular employee
B. Probationary employee
C. Casual employee
D. Project
E. Seasonal
F. Fixed-Term

V. Kinds of Employees Under the Labor Code
A. Managerial
B. Supervisory
C. Rank-and-File

VI. Rights of the Employer and Employee
1. Legal Basis of Employee’s Security of Tenure
2. Management Prerogatives
o Right to dismiss workers
o Right to transfer
o Right to re-assign workers
o Right to promote and not to promote
o Right to demote
o Right to discipline erring employees
o Right to abolish and create positions
o Prescribe working methods, time, place, manner and other aspects of work

VII Guideposts on Valid Dismissal of an Employee
A. Substantive Due Process
• Just Cause
• Authorized Cause
1. Determining the Proper Ground
2. Applying the Procedural Due Process
B. Procedural Due Process
• Notice to Explain
• Hearing / Conference
• Final Notice of Dismissal

VIII. Preventive Suspension

IX. Resignation

X. Retirement

XI. Hazards of Terminating an Employee
1. Backwages
2. Separation pay
3. Moral Damages
4. Exemplary Damages
5. Nominal Damages
6. Attorney’s Fees

XII. Jurisdiction over labor cases
A. Jurisdiction of Labor Arbiter
B. Commissioner
C. Concept of Single-Entry Approach (SENA)
D. RA 11396 – An Act strengthening conciliation-mediation as voluntary mode of settlement of labor dispute

SEMINAR FEE: Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700 per head (Regular rate: Php 3,000 per head) which will comprise meals during the training, handouts and all necessary materials. We are also offering in-house training and seminars depending on the need of the companies.

i. Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700.00 only.
ii. Payments on the day of the seminar must be on cash basis only.
Payments made through Checks can only be made through company checks. Personal checks can be accepted provided that it is an advance payment.
iii. Walk in participants shall pay the regular rate either through cash or check provided that the check is under a BDO account and payable to iLearn professional Solutions Inc. and that the same was declared good.
iv. Senior /students and/or person with disability, is given a special privilege of 20% discount provided that payment be made any time before 5 days of the scheduled seminar. On site payment of the students and seniors shall be entitled of 10% discount.
v. Upon payment, proof must be forwarded through email or fax to 4842342.
vi. Proof of payments (original deposit slip) shall be required for presentation on the day of the schedule.

i. Cancellation 5 days before the scheduled seminar: FULL AMOUNT
ii. Cancellation 3 days before the scheduled seminar: 70% REFUND
iii. Cancellation at the scheduled seminar: ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE FORFEITED

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