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Friday the 13th (2016)

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A year ago, it was rumored that the next Friday the 13th could end up being a found footage film, but a delay in production pushed back the movie entirely and scrapped any plans the producers may have started. The worry then became whether there would in fact be a 13th installment of the franchise at all, since Paramount’s rights are reportedly due to expire within the next few years.

Well, it seems the wait is finally coming to an end as producer Brad Fuller recently sat down with Esquire to reveal that there’s a plan in place for filming to begin later this year. The project is currently slated to release in theaters on May 13th, 2016, and Fuller says he wants to begin filming this summer. According to Fuller, the idea is to have cameras rolling while “the weather is still nice and it’s easy to take over a camp for cinematic slaughtering purposes.”

Fuller also confirmed to Esquire that the next Friday the 13th won’t be a found footage film. He says that while it’s still uncertain whether the next installment will tie in with his 2009 film, since they’re currently finalizing a direction to go with the story and hiring “two or three different” writers within the next two weeks, it will definitely not follow the found footage trend.

And in news that’ll make Jason fans happy, Fuller also insists the Friday the 13th reboot won’t be a low-budget flick like other recent Platinum Dunes’ films. He maintains that getting a horror movie right when it comes to blood and gore takes time and money:

The next Friday the 13th is expected to release in theaters on May 13th, 2016.


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