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Sa mga baklang sundalo o military

bootsguybootsguy PEx Rookie ⭐
Please share the stories of gay soldiers or military member of the armed forces who are either open or discreet about their love stories or wild adventures in bed. Musta naman kaya sila mga kafatid sa federasyon na sundalo... Thanks...


  • PinaiPinai PEx Rookie ⭐
    I have not one, not two, but three cousins who are in the service.

    Two of them are siblings.

    Hindi ko alam kung nasa dugo ba namin yun.

    Anyway, yung isa bago pumasok e sumasali pa ng mga gay beauty contest. Now though, he goes both ways. He said he gets turned on by men still but will have a wife because he doesn't want to grow old alone.

    The other one naman alam na sa office nila. He said basta discreet lang naman daw at no public displays of affection ay okay lang naman. But then again, he said he gets to be at the other end of jokes by the older personnel.

    Bottom line: wala naman silang problem aside from the obvious reason of them not being able to be "out"
  • bootsguybootsguy PEx Rookie ⭐
    Thanks for the story... I just want to know how is it like or how difficult to be a gay in the military.
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