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Unfinished Business (Starring Vince Vaughn)

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Vince Vaughn stars alongside Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson and Sienna Miller in a comedy that brings back his eccentric brand of humor in “Unfinished Business.”

In “Unfinished Business,” Vaughn plays a businessman and has just landed a big deal that will haul in the riches he had since been aiming for. But it’s not without a challenge as his ex-boss is up for a very tough competition.

With a very promising edgy, adult humor to boot, “Unfinished Business” deals on a business trip gone wrong composed of the most unlikely group of business associates ever assembled that have unplanned stops in a massive sex fetish event and in a global economic summit that will have the audience root for these underdogs.

“Unfinished Business” will open very soon this March 5 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


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    Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson form an unlikely trio of business associates along with Sienna Miller, James Marsden and Nick Frost in adult raunchy comedy “Unfinished Business.”

    Vince Vaughn plays Dan, a small business owner whose company is on the brink of shutting down. In order to save his company, he must lock down a deal with some clients, but unfortunately, they are deciding between Dan and a giant corporation led by his previous boss (Sienna Miller). With no other options left, Dan and his employees (Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson) travel to Germany to treat their clients to one hell of a business trip. "Unfinished Business" was directed by Ken Scott from a screenplay written by Steven Conrad.

    Learn from the unlikely trio of pros on how to get the job done and stay at it when “Unfinished Business” opens very soon this March 5 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.
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    “Unfinished Business” starring Vince Vaugh, Tom Wilkinson, Dave France, Sienna Miller and James Marsden has unashamedly adult themes - the innocent Mike (Franco) loses his virginity and the jaded Tim (Wilinson), trapped in an unhappy marriage, rediscovers a love for life in the exotic German capital while the relentless Dan (Vaughn) refuses to give up, no matter where his quest takes him.

    “Unfinished Business” is the tale of three hard working guys who are trying to catch a break embarking on what should be a routine business trip out of state who end up thousands of miles from home, in Germany, where everything that can go wrong does so with spectacularly hilarious results. At first Dan is convinced that the deal is done and heads to Portland, Oregon, confident that it’s in the bag. But once there, he discovers that his old employers, represented by his former boss at Dynamic Systems, the formidable wheeler-dealer Chuck Fortnoy (Miller) are about to steal it from under his nose.

    Dan, Mike and Tim must head to Berlin to try and save the day, and they arrive in a bustling city hosting a G8 conference and a sex fetish festival with hardly a vacant room left in town. Each of them is about to experience a series of life changing adventures – and setbacks – on a business trip they’ll never forget.

    Franco admits that he was a little nervous at the prospect of starring opposite Vaughn – one of his comedy heroes - who plays his boss desperately trying to secure a deal that will keep his struggling company afloat. “It’s always intimidating at first to work with someone that you’ve admired for so long,” he says. “I didn’t want to be the person in the scene to slow everything down, but what I quickly realised, working with someone as funny as Vince, is that no matter what I say, no matter how dumb the joke is, Vince will take that dumb joke of mine and turn it into gold.

    The odds may be stacked against Dan, Tim and Mike, but together they find a bond that proves to be unbreakable. “I think with all three of these guys, they are down on their luck but they never feel bad for themselves. They’re fighting as hard as they can, against all odds,” says Franco.

    For young Mike Pancake – an innocent abroad who has never ventured more than a few miles from his home before – being on the road with the two older, more experienced men gives him the confidence to explore, in every sense of the word. A virgin before he left the States, he proves to be very popular with some of the women he meets in the exotically Bohemian Berlin. “Yeah, that’s a big part of Mike’s journey, and he’s very successful,” Franco laughs. “Much more so than you might expect from a character who’s never even been out of his home town.

    “He ends up sleeping with multiple women, and I think what they’re attracted to is what we’re talking about: his sincerity and his sweetness. His sexual journey is an entire movie within itself. He’s not only losing his virginity, but he’s trying to do it in a way that would even be risqué for a character in 50 Shades of Grey.”

    “Unfinished Business” is rated R-16 by the local censors board (MTRCB) and will open nationwide in cinemas this March 5 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.
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    Philippine Release Date: March 5, 2015
    Director: Ken Scott
    Cast: Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, Sienna Miller, James Marsden

    [JUSTIFY]Unfinished Business is what you would expect in a Vince Vaughn-lead comedy-drama, only this time, will leave you a little bit estranged. Definitely like leaving an adult entertainment club with a family values lesson you heard inside. It is a weird mixture of learning about parenting and partying hard and it just confused me all throughout the film.[/JUSTIFY]


    [JUSTIFY]Vince Vaughn is once again reunited with Delivery Man director Ken Scott in this film where he plays Daniel Trunkman, head of a small business selling metal shavings, along with his associates Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco). When their business rival Chuck Portnoy (Sienna Miller) swoops in and complicates the make-or-break deal they have been preparing for months, the trio is forced to make changes to their business trip. Hilarity ensues as the supposedly normal business trip takes a wild turn, when they had to do unimaginable things such as attending a gay sex fetish fair and forcing their way through a demonstrators’ riot in order to get that yearned “handshake”.[/JUSTIFY]


    [JUSTIFY]Albeit the film has that alienating feeling, it doesn’t fall short with laughs, thanks to Dave Franco who solely carried the comedy. Almost all his scenes were a hit to the audience, reminiscent of the comedic charms of his older brother James. Sadly the other two don’t contribute that much to the fun. Vince Vaughn plays straight man but has no chemistry with his co-stars and Tom Wilkinson is too respectable of an actor to play the “suddenly wild” old man trope.[/JUSTIFY]


    [JUSTIFY]The forced infusion of drama in this film throws the whole film off – the ‘family man’ arc of Vaughn’s character doesn’t blend well with the raunchy comedy of his cohorts. Yes, it had some good laughs, but the inconsistency in comedy will get to you when suddenly we have to get PG jokes after seeing gloryholes with dicks in them the scene before. But to give the film so slack, the dramatic part of the film is quite effective in toying the audience’s emotions. It could have worked on a less crude version of the film, like in Delivery Man.[/JUSTIFY]

    [CENTER-HIDDEN]Rating: 5.5/10


    Unfinished Business is now showing in theatres nationwide.

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