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Pexers check out my site www.savethesweaters.com (former UP student)

Hey Pexers,
I used to be a student for a short time @ University of the Philippines Diliman. I recently created a fun website called www.savethesweaters.com that I'd like to share. Also, feel free to like my FB page for SavetheSweaters & follow on twitter. Basically, I will be writing creative short stories and will bring the stories to life through photography (1-2x a month). The only rule is that one of us within the story will be wearing a sweater from a thrift store. The whole premise is to encourage other people to go out and buy a sweater at a thrift store ("save" a sweater). There are a lot of positive benefits to thrift shopping! So please follow and share. It will be me, my niece, and friends having fun wearing costumes, thrift sweaters, and bringing stories to life. Buhay Pinoy!

Facebook -> www.facebook.com/savethesweaters
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