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what happened to Mama Mary and Joseph after the crucifixion of Christ?

anyone who know about whatever happened to them?


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    anyone who know about whatever happened to them?

    diba lumipad daw si mama mary papuntang outer space according sa tsismis?
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    The Bible doesn't say much. The most we hear is that Mary was part of the group in the cenacle during the time of the descent of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1-2.

    However, Sacred Tradition relates:

    1 - Joseph died before the start of Jesus' ministry. This somehow lends credence to the theory that there was a significant age gap between him and Mary, and that he was a widower (with children?) before he married her.

    2 - In the events of the Crucifixion, Mary was entrusted to John the Beloved, "And from that hour the disciple took her into his home." (John 19:27) As John preached the Gospel in the area that is now Ephesus, there is a tradition that maintains he brought Mary there with him, and that she remained there until her death. In fact, there is a house there that is thought to be her house, and it is a pilgrimage site for Christians and Muslims, the latter also holding Mary in extremely high esteem.

    Her death is actually the subject of even more discussion. The two earliest Christian churches, Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, believe in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which holds that she was assumed bodily into heaven. As support for this is the tradition that there is no grave which holds her body. Orthodox Christians believe in the Dormition additionally, which was when she was said to have died, before her assumption. Roman Catholics are vague about the instance of her death, which opens up the possibility that she didn't really die before the assumption.
  • Try mo magbasa ng Quran baka nandun yung hinahanap mong nawawalang storya, ang Bible kasi Kristiano ay Compile na sa Concepto ng Gospel, ano ba ang Gospel, yung mga nasulat lang tungkol sa pangangaral ni Jesus. kaya nga yung Gospel of mary Magdalene ay hindi isinama sa Compilation kasi hindi sya pasok sa Catogorya ng Gospel.

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