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    December 21, 2014


    Ni Nitz Miralles
    Pilipino Star Ngayon
    January 25, 2015

    Janella boses ang lamang kina Julia at Liza!

    Bago ang airing ng Oh, My G!, inatake ng sobrang nerbyos si Janella Salvador dahil hindi niya alam kung paano tatanggapin ng viewers ang kakaibang series. Nang makita ang pilot ratings at ang magandang feedback ng viewers, napalitan ng tuwa ang nerbyos at kaba ng teen actress.

    Sana matuloy na ang movie ni Janella sa Regal na Retreat House para mapanood din siya sa pelikula at matuloy na ang paggawa niya ng album. Totoo ang sinabi nito na ang edge niya kina Julia Barretto at Liza Soberano ay ang kanyang singing voice.
  • ‘OMG’ resists taking the easy way out
    Nestor U. Torre
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    January 31st, 2015

    If it continues the way it’s currently unfolding, ABS-CBN’s new late-morning drama series, “Oh My G,” could turn out to be uniquely entertaining and instructive. Young viewers find it easy to relate to, because it’s about a troubled teen (Janella Salvador) who loses her parents early on and has to get the rest of her life going, pretty much on her own.

    Happily, she has a very important helpmeet to assist her in the difficult process—no less than the Big G Himself (hence the series’ title)!

    Other God-oriented series would take the easy way out, pontificate all the way, and get the miracles going and coming from all sides.

    Thus far, however, “OMG” has resisted the facile temptation and tries to keep things as “normal” as possible, with its eventual transformations attained not through divine fiat, but by the teen protagonist’s own efforts (—with some “holy help,” of course).

    Salvador. Gets some “holy help” in God-oriented series.

    So far, so good

    So far, so good for the show, which is now on its third week but is still eminently viewable and easy to believe in, and empathize with.

    To be sure, Janella’s character, Sophie, is wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to finances and living the good life. But, the recent death of her father has knocked the breath out of her, psychologically speaking, so she really has her work cut out for her to make new sense of her life before her deep sense of loss and bereavement completely overwhelms her.

    This is where the series’ “G” character steps in: Introduced a bit later in the show, He’s first presented as a handsome young man (Luke Jickain) who meets Sophie in an elevator—and stumps her by being able to “read” her thoughts—and heart.

    At first, she thinks she’s getting loopy due to her depression, but she eventually realizes that she’s just gotten the “holy help” that will enable her to get herself and her life back on track.

    Being young, however, there are times when she doesn’t welcome the assistance, and even finds it intrusive. But, her problems start to pile up and swamp her, so the time does come when she realizes that she can’t do it alone and needs help—the holier, the better!

    New complications that have presented themselves of late include a less than fully accepting surrogate family, especially an uppity cousin who resents all of the extra attention Sophie has been getting due to her bereavement.

    Romantic sights

    Then, there are male schoolmates who have set their romantic sights on her, but she has too much on her mind to pay attention to them—yet.

    As of now, the series is focused on how its teen protagonist copes with her huge loss, and how “G,” in various ways and forms, helps her see the light—in a feelingly “normal” and empathetic way.

    It is hoped that other teenagers will open themselves up to God’s presence in their lives in this undidactic way. With all of the growing pains they’re experiencing, complicated by even bigger and more daunting societal concerns, “OMG” can be a substantial blessing—if it continues to keep things relatively real.

    Aside from its major plus points, we also like “OMG” for its occasional penchant for coming up with useful “reminders” to viewers.

    For instance, in last Thursday’s episode, a character reminded her sons to shut off an electric fan that was kept running with nobody in the room. —A detail, really, but additional evidence that the show’s mind and heart—are in the right place!
  • i labyu Janella :-)
  • thanks for the news crystal :-)
    Ni Vinia Vivar
    February 8, 2015

    Titulo ng pinagbibidahang serye ni Janella galing din mismo sa ‘kanya’

    Bilang pasasalamat sa mataas na ratings ng Oh My G! na pinagbibidahan ni Janella Salvador, magkakaroon ng mall show ang serye na dadaluhan ng mga cast.

    Ngayong Sunday, Feb. 8, 5 p.m. ay dadayo sila sa SM Marilao, Bulacan at siyempre, naroroon si Janella para magbigay ng kasiyahan sa lahat ng fans kasama ang mga co-stars niyang sina Marlo Mortel, Manolo Pedrosa, Edgar Allan Guzman and Sunshine Cruz.

    As we all know, biggest break ni Janella ang Oh My G bilang lead role. Una siyang nabigyan ng oportunidad sa Be Careful with my Heart at dito nga sumikat ang expression ng karakter niyang “Oh My G!” na naging dahilan din para bigyan siya ng sarling serye ng management at gawing titulo ang nasabing expression.

    Sa ilang beses naming nakikita in person itong si Janella, kapansin-pansin na mabait siyang bata at mukhang maganda ang pagpapalaki ng nanay na si Janine Desiderio. We just wish na huwag sanang mabago ng kasikatan ang kanyang magandang attitude.
  • Janella mahaba pa ang lalakbayin para abutan sina Julia at Liza
    Ni Veronica R. Samio
    Pilipino Star Ngayon
    February 22, 2015

    Hindi lamang ang mga tagahanga nina Julia Barretto at Liza Soberano ang talagang nagtatrabaho para masiguro ang kasikatan ng kanilang mga idolo. Nakapagtataka nga na hindi nakabilang sa kanila ang isa pang kasamahan sa Star Magic na si Janella Salvador na tulad nila ay nabigyan na rin ng tsansa na magdala ng teleserye na Oh My G!

    Bago ito, naging mahalagang bahagi rin siya ng Be Careful with My Heart na dalawang taong namayagpag sa telebisyon. Pero hindi tulad nina Julia at Liza na parehong sa iisang lalaki itinambal, may sarli niyang ka-tandem si Janella at hindi na kailangang makipag-agawan pa sa dalawa para makilala bilang isang bahagi ng isang loveteam. Siya si Marlo Mortel na sa BCWMH din nagkapangalan.

    Katulad ng sinusubaybayang Forevermore ni Liza, malaki rin at malakas ang following ng OMG! ni Janella.

    Mas nakatatanda sina Julia at Liza kaysa kay Janella na nagbibigay ng malaking palugit para kay Janella na mas sumikat pa.
  • They’re ready for their closeup
    Nestor U. Torre
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    February 28th, 2015

    On the local show biz scene, each new season introduces viewers to new lead players who desperately hope that they will be invited to stay. This year, the new finds include Jana Agoncillo, Janella Salvador, Iñigo Pascual and Lyca Gairanod. How are their stellar bids faring thus far?

    Jana, the new child star on “Dream Dad,” is cute as a button and can play it both sad and lively with aplomb. Her best suit is the fact that she’s one of only a few child performers who talk simply, naturally and briefly, as real children do.

    On the other hand, her performance can be too nicey-nice, lacking in the impish unpredictability that characterized the portrayals on Niño Muhlach and Aiza Seguerra when they were tiny tots. So, Jana would do better if she could similarly learn how to naturally surprise viewers, instead of just being proficient and nice.

    For her part, Lyca is an edgy performer who’s shown by way of her “Maala-ala Mo Kaya” episode that she has the dramatic “bite” to make the problems of the characters she plays acutely real. So, why isn’t she being given her big, build-up drama series or film just yet?

    If her producers wait too long, her incipient career’s momentum might get compromised, and it’ll be that much harder for her to end up as this generation’s Nora Aunor.

    On “Oh My G,” new lead player Janella initially came on strong and feisty, but her performance has currently gone on a plateau of predictability that it should snap out of, soonest. Janella is also a good singer, so the show could exploit that strength, too, more quickly than perhaps initially planned.

    Among this season’s current male comers, Iñigo has the “genetic” edge, but like Lyca, his career is in need of perking up, so he can build on his initial advantage.

    Yes, he’s done some TV-film roles, but his impact in them hasn’t been definitive enough to mark him as a major find for all seasons and reasons. Iñigo does have a new film, “Crazy Beautiful You,” but it’s a stellar vehicle for Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. Iñigo needs his own starrer for him to be able to stake out his stellar territory.

  • Janella Salvador Celebrate 17th Birthday with Fans this Sunday
    March 27, 2015 by ABS-CBN

    “Oh My G” lead star Janella Salvador is set to treat her supporters with a perfect celebration to remember this Sunday (March 29) as she holds her first ever grand fans day, in celebration of her 17th birthday. It will be held at the Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City, at 5PM.


    Janella guarantees a memorable day for all her fans with fun-filled production numbers and games. Joining Janella in her birthday party is her love team partner Marlo Mortel and other special guests.

    Meanwhile, Janella’s character Sophie in “Oh My G” faces a new trial now that she is starting to discover the true colors of her relatives. Is Sophie ready to confront her Tito Santi (Dominic Ochoa) and Tita Lucy (Sunshine Cruz) even if they are the only family she has left? How will it affect her search for Anne Reyes?

    As part of ABS-CBN’s Holy Week programing next week, catch “Oh My G’s” marathon special on Black Saturday (April 4), beginning 12NN.

    Don’t miss the continuation of the feel-good drama series that will bring everyone closer to God, “Oh My G,” weekdays before “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN Prime-Tanghali. For more information about “Oh My G” log on to www.abs-cbn.com, or follow @abcbndotcom on Twitter. For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.
  • xzzzxzzz 10th PEx Oscar Pool Top 10
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