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Does Ateneo Really Provide Effective Catholic Education?

I am a balikbayan alumnus with a large emotional stake in ADMU due to family and friends. It truly aggravates me to see how the Ateneo Theology Core Curriculum provides an intellectual and spiritual starvation diet that will not allow the average graduate to withstand the secular tide of contemporary society. For example, the first core course is entitled, "Introduction to Doing Catholic Theology." When I look at what is taught in this course and others like it, I notice the following:

1) The emphasis is overwhelmingly on process rather than on content, so that one cannot take it for granted that students will have even a rudimentary knowledge of Scripture or the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
2) There appears to be a Pelagian mindset that motivates the course material, that is an overemphasis on human action and initiative over divine grace and revelation.
3) There is an overemphasis on the local cultural adaptations of Filipino Catholicism compared to the universal ("catholic") and timeless aspects of the Faith.

For many secularly minded Filipinos, this orientation is fine, but they cannot claim to represent authentic Catholicism. If you want to see what my idea is of a substantial in-depth approach to Catholicism, go to the url: www.logosensarkos.com, which is the fruit of many years of study and teaching.
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