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Passed the Big Three, now what?

Hello all! I'm a senior at De La Salle Zobel school. I really didn't have plans for college, I just took the entrance tests for UP, Ateneo and DLSU without really bothering to research on the courses I selected (irresponsible, I know.) To my surprise, I managed to pass my first choice in all CETs aside from Ateneo, where Management Engineering was my first choice. Here're my potential college courses:

DLSU - Business Management/Literature (double major)
Ateneo - Management Economics
UP - Business Economics (UP Diliman)

Which of these courses have the best outlook, career-wise? What are the pros and cons of the two economics courses? And should I factor in school environment/vibe/proximity to friends in my college choice, or should I only consider the course itself and the education I'll be receiving?

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