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Help with depositing to a foreign bank account (for student visa requirements)

Hello there‚

Need advice with a deposit concern. I opened a bank account in europe (a blocked account) as a security deposit required for a visa. Now I need to deposit a certain amount, but hit a roadblock.

I went to my philippine bank requesting for a wire transfer of the amount from my local acct. to them to this new foreign account.They said di raw pwede kasi they cannot wire different currencies (peso to euro) and if I want a direct wire transfer I would have to open a dollar/euro account daw - which isn't practical since I'm just doing one transaction.

I asked kung pwede ipa convert na lang yung pesos ko to euro w/them then wire it. Sabi nila di raw pwede‚ I need to have the money converted elsewhere kasi mafflag daw sya as money laundering.

Would it be okay if I withdraw these peso funds, have them exchanged to Euro elsewhere then wire transfer it using the same bank I withdrew my cash from? I just don't understand why it would be a flag for laundering? Can anyone help? TIA, would be much appreciated.
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