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YOUR BOYS (only ) volleyball crushes...

mother_lilimother_lili I am Maria Sharapova ✭✭✭✭✭✭
I am surprised, andaming unnoticed gwapings ng Adamson.

Ang gagaling pa nilang manisid, humabol at manggapang este gumapang... that is, great floor defense. Yun pa naman ang favorite skills ko sa volleyball, receives at digs.

Last year ko pa nakita si Sudaria na may itsura, pero I also noticed Sarmineto and Saraza.

Sa UE, nakita kong cutie si Angelone at hot si Camposano.

Of course FEU has Manolo.

For me sila yung unnoticed boys na tunay na lalake at magagaling, hindi overhyped kagaya ng mga beki from schools of the rich.


  • travelmate9travelmate9 Member PExer
    mother, nasa FEU pa rin ang mga hottest players

    dagdag mo si Barrica na ala Slater Young ang peg at flawless pa

    si Margate na malakas ang sex appeal s mga gays at girls
  • siopao_queen06siopao_queen06 LS WVT S78 CHAMPS ✭✭✭
    Ronjay Galang. :D

    Mukha daw callboy but who cares. Hot pa din.

    Ranran Abdilla is easy on the eyes too.
  • baklah_akobaklah_ako Account Suspended by Admin PExer
    They are not UAAP players this season so even they are hot, they are not qualified here. Charoughthness!
  • MayReglaMayRegla Good at social servicing PExer
    there are actually boys playing out there? show me the proof please...
  • blueberry_sexyblueberry_sexy Winner ✭✭✭✭
    gwapo yung Castillo ng UST.
  • volleybabevolleybabe Member ✭✭
    Calderon, lalaking lalake ang dating, mukhang madungis [#]charot[/#]
  • kritikerkritiker Member Next Gen. Tennis Star
    Pics please :naughty:

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