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CAVERNDUKE's Ark [9]: PExKada of the Year!!! DESERVED namin 'to!... WEEEEHHH??

caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
Home of the Dashing, Ever-EFFICIENT and CREATIVE SPAMMING Dukes

:spinstar: 2014 PExKada of the Year :spinstar:

We are pleased to accommodate you with the unparalleled and unmistakable Cavernduke hospitality. Experience the magic only a Duke can offer. Feel at home.




The Cavernduke House represents the strong earthly roots of every human being who possesses the innate gift of magic, and symbolizes the house where all Pexers destined to bring great honor to the world of magic start with their feet on the surface of the earth, slowly rising to become the most distinguished Wizards and Witches of all realms. Likened to the strong, ambitious bear and the pliant bamboo tree, the Cavernduke House is the perfect embodiment of those with the strongest of will and pure benevolence.
  • Founder: Cornelius Cavernduke
  • Animal: Bear
  • House Colors: Green and Bronze
  • Element: Earth


  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist

    • Carolus Aesculapeus (caloymd)
    • [highlight]Anshimo Ayexandea (alvindm) [/highlight]
    • [highlight]Oliver Beowulf (Expelliarmus_27)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Bertie Bott (Bertie Bott)[/highlight]
    • J[highlight]erry Bugtong (dementedkid) [/highlight]
    • Robbie Dee (cookiemoster)
    • [highlight]Karl Drogo (ibirp)[/highlight]
    • Marcus Duff (cross_rhodes)
    • Morgan Dukelow (decanter)
    • Zachary Firestone (allanplusdale)
    • [highlight]Anna Karenina Ford (Yooweh)[/highlight]
    • Nightshade Fullbuster (engrapeirogon)
    • Magnolia Gambit (singingturtle23)
    • [highlight]Gandalf (BeerhandBop)[/highlight]
    • Delphinus Ganondorf (nevergod66)
    • Georgina Gray (sherlock)
    • [highlight]Payton Heartfilia (lovezoe)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Craig Heathersmith (ScareYouOften)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Vlad Impaler (-alucard-)[/highlight]
    • Jed (undefined_name)
    • [highlight]Laya Amihan Liwayway (Innie_yero)[/highlight]
    • Hakim Loreweaver (diefool)
    • Elizabeth Lostova (lazylizzy30)
    • [highlight]Diyan Masalanta (yingying27)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Katherine Michaelson (caitdawn)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Ryo Namida (maputik)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Albert Newton (markdprince)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Harriette Peverell (honey4evr) [/highlight]
    • Vincent Ravenclaw (code_1120)
    • [highlight]Fabian Ravensdale (mykel14)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Schneider Licht Regen (QuincyHernandez)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Marygold Silvercloud (aciranna)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Snow Sprite (fatima_7)[/highlight]
    • Donald Stevenson (cuteako02)
    • [highlight]Leif Sunbeam (redpanda) [/highlight]
    • Cerise Verity (DarthScully)
    • [highlight]Marcusz Waldemar (ronlime_12) [/highlight]
    • Alexandria Winterbourne (boozydeiz)
    • [highlight]Charlie Wolff-Chaikoff (Charlie_StCloud)[/highlight]
    • [highlight]Xander Yelzinger (xayezi)[/highlight]

  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist

    In the year 2300, the world faces constant threats of invasion from supernatural groups of werewolves, vampires and mermen. Nations build cities within fortified walls in their desperate effort to save the human race from extinction. But after reaching near collapse, the governments finally arrive in an ultimate solution: build an army of teenagers bionically enhanced with the power and abilities of their enemies.

    Every year, the Council of Nations picks 100 young people from the list of able-bodied prospects submitted by all member nations. Called "The Randoms", these teenagers, who are taken deliberately from their families, are put into vigorous trainings that will determine what supernatural group they're going to be part of. They are then placed under a transitional stage where they get treated with the supernatural blood, a process which might be fatal for most of them. Those who survived, undergo the last phase of their training and are sent straight to the battles to fight.

    Prologue: Signal Hour
    Chapter One: [url="http://www.wattpad.com/26363213-the-random-chapter-1-abduction"[Abduction[/url]
    Chapter Two: Underground City
    Chapter Three: Random
    Chapter Four: Digging One's Own Grave
    Chapter Five: Supernatural
    Chapter Six: The State's Mandate
    Chapter Seven: The Hairbreadth Escape
    Chapter Eight: Transition
    Chapter Nine: Darkness Visible
    Chapter Ten: Battlefield
    Chapter Eleven: Savage Light
    Chapter Twelve: The Merman`s Tale
    Chapter Thirteen: Elbeast
    Chapter Fourteen: Imagine Dragons
    Chapter Fifteen: Radioactive
    Chapter Sixteen: The Rubix Revelations
    Chapter Seventeen: Captive to the Light's Lords
    Chapter Eighteen: The Eltar Entanglements
    Chapter Nineteen: The Random's Rise
    Chapter Twenty: The Council's Fall
    Chapter Twenty One: Army of A Thousand Wolves
    Chapter Twenty Two: Fire and Ice
    Chapter Twenty Three: Chasing the Sun
    Chapter Twenty Four: The Grim Inside
    Chapter Twenty Five: Monoliths of Carthadia


    Breaking Dawn[/center-hidden]

    When the Great Apocalypse arrived and threatened our extinction, mankind was left without choice but to seek refuge several miles under the ground. For hundred of years, we stayed secluded beneath the Earth and waited, slowly growing in numbers until the ground could no longer hold us.

    Then the resources began to deplete and the holes serving as passages for air down to us started getting clogged, one by one. We began struggling to breathe.

    Fearing our last days underground was already upon us, the government finally assembled a group to be sent to the surface-an expedition all of us hoped would provide answers whether the Earth that mankind left ages ago was still hostile or already habitable. My dad and brother was called for the mission, I wasn't. I wanted to come, so I secretly followed them, having the fear that whatever waiting for them on the surface could be far worse than the suffering we were already stuck into underneath. All throughout the journey, our hope burnt ablaze, only to start fading out when we finally arrived to an Earth already inhabited by beings foreign to us-creatures that could only see our presence as a threat to their existence.

    My name is Michael. I am one of the last members of my species. I am Human.

    Into the Light
    Chapter One: Horrence
    Chapter Two: Fell
  • katze_schmusekatze_schmuse PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hello congrats sa new house niyo:blow: daan lang:drive:
    and congrats din for winning pexkada of the year:cheers:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    [center-hidden]:bow:CAVERNDUKES LITERATURE CORNER :bow:

    Dropping out was in season
    but the professors saw reason
    Because we bears are united
    and we cannot be parted.

    The other houses produced the complication
    and with Harriette's intervention
    It seems that the professors now see
    How we want PExSoWaW to be

    So, with Oliver's celebration
    and Harriette's reinstitution
    Let the butterbeers flow
    And hear that Cavernduke roar!!!

    [highlight]c/o Diyan Masalanta[/highlight]


    No alternick, no wolf, no cheating,
    No hurdle can keep us from going.
    With cattles and butterbeers, we'll continue to be happy,
    Blessed by our professors and our house ghost, Mimi.

    [highlight]c/o Oliver Beowulf[/highlight]


    Cavernduke, the house of the brave
    Amidst all the disagreements, we never caved
    Valiantly we fought for what we believed in
    Even argued amongst ourselves in our journey to win
    Real life camaraderie is what I'll take away from all this
    New friends and good memories are what I'll surely miss
    Dukes forever, that's not just a phrase but a promise
    Use Cindy liberally to catch up, or just to seek solace
    Kings and Queens we may never be but it doesn't matter to me
    Enjoy what's left of the school year... and let's party!

    [highlight]c/o Marygold Silvercloud[/highlight]


    From the Cavernduke Printing Press. Soon to be available nationwide. :)

    CAVERNDUKES and the Nearly Virgin House Ghost
    CAVERNDUKES and the Search for Igor
    CAVERNDUKES and the Undiscovered Cave
    CAVERNDUKES and the Order of Butterbeer
    CAVERNDUKES and the Prisoner of Cattle
    CAVERNDUKES and the Deathly Alternicks
    CAVERNDUKES and the Unbroken Monologue
    CAVERNDUKES and their Splendid Posts & Awesome Monologues
    CAVERNDUKES and the Society for Promotion of Igor's Welfare
    CAVERNDUKES and the Ulimited Supply of Crispy Pata
    CAVERNDUKES and the Whiny BB-rat from the House Next Door
    CAVERNDUKES and the Vetoed Resignation

    CAVERNDUKES and the Bugaw Factory
    CAVERNDUKES: Ursa Major
    CAVERNDUKES and the Controversial Petition and Related SONAs.
    CAVERNDUKES and the Fountain of Inefficiency.[/center-hidden]

    *Those in bold are TOP RATED and CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED. :glee:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist

    Charlie - Chembular Lapotchay
    Craig - Chembular Ganduras

    Snow - Iskinemper Kyawtiley
    Vlad - Iskinemper Lalafur
    Ck- Iskinemper Kurokotchi

    Mimi - Kyemerloo Charlotik
    Lian - Kyemerloo Kemperr

    Marygold - Borbakels Bragadag
    Anshimo - Borbakels Kuripochay
    Kysh - Borbakels Charlotik

    Katherine - Kyemerut Chinokla
    Fabian - Kyemerut Falayfay

    Professor Caramba - Chururut Lapotchay

    Harriette - Prikitik Palaaura
    Marcusz - Prikitik Ganduras

    Oliver - Merendot Kinembular

    Ryo - Lantodis Hihigadin
    Schneider - Lantodis Falayfay
    Xander - Lantodis Lalafur

    Laya - Chemarflex Bakulawin

    Jerry - Aniklavurr Lalafur

    Repost! :glee:

    PS: Wag ng KJ, ipost na yan.. :naughty::lol:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    :wave: Ms. Katze

    Thanks and happy holidays! :cheers:
  • katze_schmusekatze_schmuse PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    caitdawn:wave: pasensiya sinira ko monologue time mo.push mo lang!
    advanced happy new year senyo:blow:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Haha ayos lang :up:

    Advanced happy new year din! :D
  • QuincyHernandezQuincyHernandez Meaner Than Demons PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    bagong hacienda, bagong taon, bagong simula! :)

    thanks cait! :)

    5000th poster pala akelz sa last thread? :hiya:
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    :cheerleader: Caitlin

    update ko pala location ng VVP :bop:
  • kysh27kysh27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    paapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!! bagong ark yey :cheerleader:


    ayan see you later.. :glee:

  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Alam naming sinadya mo yun Quincy. :rolleyes:


    Happy New Thread Dukes! :cheers:
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    You're out of the group, Quincy. :rolleyes:


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    Good Afternoon Dukes! I'm OSOme! :wave:

    Yey! New Thread! :bounce: :lol:
  • :wave: Patapak :lily::bungi:
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    bagong hacienda, bagong taon, bagong simula! :)

    thanks cait! :)

    5000th poster pala akelz sa last thread? :hiya:

    tunay kang KPexer.. :glee:
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    bagong hacienda, bagong taon, bagong simula! :)

    thanks cait! :)

    5000th poster pala akelz sa last thread? :hiya:

    Congrats! :rolleyes:

  • mykel14mykel14 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    :cheers: :cheers:
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    Sino na nga may hawak ng may pinakamahabang monologue/longest unbroken streak of monologue posts? Si Vlad ba?.:glee: :lol:
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