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Bakit walang smart cab na pickup dito sa Pinas?

Bakit single cab o double cab lang meron? :mconfused:


  • Kung yung double cab nga masikip, yun pang 2+1.
  • wala rin ngang single cab. LoL.
    only single cabs i know are the ones that get turned into delivery vans.

    anyway, it's simple, tayo lang ang left handdrive sa south east asia. think about it:
    thailand, malaysia, singapore all right hands

    that means the factory that supplies the South east asian market cannot be bothered to manufacture a model (left hand drive smart cabs) that will barely sell any units. sayang lang ang investment money.

    so they just make one type that is one sized fits all. and that's the double cab.

    here you go... look at this map.

    tayo lang ang kulay red/ left hand drive.

    it's important that the vehicle is imported from an asean country because we pay less import taxes - because were ASEAN.

    and as perspective, we buy 1/10 of what the indonesians buy in a year.

    in the total perspective of it all.. the philippine market is probably 5% of the total units sold in south east asia? we are not in the position to demand the factory of what to make.
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