The Origin of Contrasting Elements

Genesis Explained

God is not an entity. God is existence itself. God is the eternal light and life itself. He is The Source of creation that never cease. The infinite source of positive energy.

Before anything there was only light. The eternal light. No other something that existed. God is life itself, and beings began to manifest. The very first to sprung from God was a light being. The light being was very bright and full of life. The light emitted by the being was identical to God. After the first light being, countless other light beings began to sprung forth. However, the other light beings were not as vibrant as the first light being. They were the first of creation - the Angels. They are spirit in nature. Spirits are immortal beings and has no capacity to reproduce.

The first light being became known to man as Lucifer.

Only God has no beginning therefore require nothing to survive. The Angels on other hand required one thing, the presence of positive energy through a term called "Link" (relationship). This positive energy regenerates light in which other light beings can also benefit from.

Lucifer, the brightest light being, requires more positive energy than other light beings. He acted as depot or source of tremendous positive energy for other light beings. Because Lucifer was the first to sprung out from God, his positive energy was identical to God.

Time passed, Angels could no longer identify the source of the positive energy of the two sources.

Lucifer, perceived that Angels look up to him like God. He thought he is a God as well. He severed his link to God concluding that his vibrant light is eternal. Those unsuspecting Angels that rely on Lucifer's positive energy were automatically un-linked from God as well. The act of un-linking can not be undone in any way.

Indeed Lucifer's vibrant light stayed and continued to act as a depot or source of positive energy. However, he was not the infinite source of positive energy. As time pass by, his light slowly faded. The unsuspecting Angels began to loose their light as well. And for the very first time, the all light existence came to know darkness.

God, as the source of light and life, provided them with another source of positive energy and thus the Universe came to exist. It became the nurture ground for the Angels who could no longer establish their link back to God. The Universe provided them the positive energy they required. Everything was back in ORDER.

However, Lucifer's insatiable hunger for positive energy began to destroy heavenly bodies. The heavenly bodies no longer follow their correct positions. And CHAOS came to exist. It griped the whole universe. The un-linked Angels' source of positive energy was jeopardized. This gave rise to rebellion among themselves.

Unknown to Lucifer, the very destruction of heavenly bodies produced a new kind of energy - the Negative energy. The energy absorbed by Lucifer was completely the opposite to f the accustomed energy. This energy was heavy dark.

The unlinked Angels' felt the overwhelming power of Lucifer. The sensation was new to them. Majority were convinced that he was indeed equal to God. However, link is solely a process for light beings. How could they establish connection to Lucifer? This gave rise to a new process of voluntary submission called Unholy Pact. This is done by consent and contract in which two parties formed an agreement.
The Untold Rebellion - The Wanderers

There was a division among un-linked Angels. Lucifer had majority of them corrupted to dark beings. But there were those who opposed his leadership. These few un-linked Angelic beings didn't submit themselves to darkness but could not establish their link back to the Source either.

They are called Wanderers. They are un-linked Angels whose purpose are merely to survive through the energy provided by the universe. Due to the end result of chaotic universe, the Wanderers could not filter positive from negative energies. These beings have become what known to men as the Sons of God/Lesser gods. They were not bound to the mandates of both Light and Dark sides.
Later they became one of the reasons of the Great Deluge or World Flood.

To be continued...


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    the reality of this realm is the rhythm of Gods time summoned through God & mother natures spirit we are here on transit to our kingdom. don't mess with mothers and fathers plentiful flowers in her garden aka... Philippines & Lumerians. :lol:


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