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Men's fragrances from personal collection for sale!

Guys im thinking of disposing some frags. I'll be offering them at really low prices kasi used sila and came from my collection. This is just made to share the blessings this christmas. After the splurge is the scourge:

1. Creed millesime imperial 2007 gold 125 ml bottle 50% full for P2,250 (there has been interest);
2. Acca kappa muschio bianco for P1,000;
3. The almighty cool water for P1,000;
4. The rare and widely loved in the community gucci envy men for Php3,000;
5. Boss bottled for Php2,000;
6. On the niche side again, Dyptique eau duelle for Php4,000;
7. Dior fahrenheit 32 for Php3,000;
8. Lolita lempicka au masculin for Php1,200;
9. LL leau au masculin for Php1,200;
10. Robes08 number 1 summer scent issey miyake 2009 summer for Php2,000;
11. Ysl l'homme libre for Php2,000.

I'll sweeten the deal to someone who buys Php6,000 worth (definitely may free bottle). Im also willing to trade the above bottles. Looking for eau sauvage by dior and linstant de guerlain edt and/or edp, willing to swap aventus 13nb01 batch for those three. Let's discuss proposals. Also looking for ysl la nuit de l'homme, terre de hermes edt and edp, aqua fahrenheit, diesel plus plus, and chanel egoiste.

Lastly, preferred ko meet ups lang kasi i wanna meet you guys din so we could really have a frag community here sa pinas (bukod sa ayaw ko magship or lbc).


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