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2014 Virtual Kris Kringle

yestoyesto Administrator PEx Admin

This is the best season to share something to your loved ones!

This is PEx Virtual Kris Kringle 2014

1) You need to post a Kris Kringle Category. (eg.something cute,something yummy)

2) The next PExer must post a photo related to the category given by the Previous PExer. He/she will then have a chance to post a category he/she wants.

3) Don't forget to include the reason why you are going to give the gift to the PExer!

4) We will be giving away some PEx goodie bags to those who can give the most creative gift to his/her fellow PExer



-- Please include the username of the PExer you're giving the gift to. Better yet, quote the wish.

-- *Try* not to repeat the wishes and gifts, so that the thread will be more interesting.

-- Keep it fun!


So let me start!

I want something..... Fluffy!


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