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God, Matter & Life

copied in its entirety from: _http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/wanderers/

all due credit goes to that author.

God, Matter & Life.

The Central God

There is a central God or source. The central God manifests a source field that I call the God consciousness. Within the God consciousness is 4 Prime Creators, which are 4 different polarities, which we don’t have names for. The God consciousness extends over all universes and all voids. The Prime Creators have creation materials to make universes, a universe lasts for about 22 billion years and then returns to the Prime Creators, goes through 8 steps and is returned to the Central God, which then adds new creation material to replace what came back. The God Consciousness also kind of broadcasts DNA, and RNA. DNA has 18 branches and RNA only one. What the Central God wants of us is “Love and Service to Others” (positive) versus “Service to Self, Controlling and or Manipulating Others’ (negative). Everything is one or part of the Central God, and made by all 4 Prime Creators.

Universes have 6 to 12 Creation Gods, depending on their size, our universe has 7 because it’s size is 7.83. Universes are in 3 types, fallen, light or dark, we live in a fallen universe. All universes start out as a fallen universe, where dark forces try to take over the whole universe and light forces try to free everyone. If a universe goes dark it is recycled ahead of time. Our universe is about 14 billion years old and is about 60% light. Our universe could become a light or dark universe before it’s over, but likely will become a light one or stay fallen, it is very unlikely we will go dark. I’m told there are about 500 million universes.
Our Universe

Since our universe has 7 Creation Gods, which is another source field, so our universe has 7 realms or planes of existence, we are living in the 1st or lowest realm, but we will live in all seven realms eventually. There are 2 kinds of space, one kind has realms 1, 3, 5 and 7 and is 5/8ths of the universe, the other kind of space has realms 2, 4, and 6 and is 3/8ths of the universe. There are also 9 densities, the first 3 densities are in realm 1, realm 2 has the soulless ascension density or I call it the lower 4th density, about 4% of souls live in this density instead of 3rd density usually to escape the negative control. It was planed for Earth to go into the other kind of space to escape the negative control and we would be living in realm 2, the lower 4th density, but because the invention of the internet, we will eventually escape the negative control we are in and moving to this other kind of space was canceled in 2007. Realm 3 is the 4th density or I call it the upper 4th density. This is the density we make ascension to, more on this later. Realm 4 is the 5th density, realm 5 is the 6th density, realm 6 is the 7th density and realm 7 is the 8th density. We cannot see the other kind of space, it is kind of in an imaginary place. The source field creates time, gravity and other things, read more about these from other Wanderers. The Creation Gods keep putting out oversouls and overconsciousnesses till all the creation material is used up and comes back and then the universe is over, in about 8.1 billion years as universes last about 22 billion years.
First Density

The Creation Gods make large consciousnesses which is made out of zoni (zoni is what the source field is made out of) and asks if it wants to be responsible for matter. Zoni (a term I was told to make up) is not energy or matter it is something else and is immortal and can’t be affected by anything. Those who say our souls are made out of energy are dead wrong, as energy can be disrupted by other energy, but nothing can disrupt our souls, they are immortal. 1/3 say yes to being responsible for matter and are given a soul and make matter or keep it being made and are supported by 2 higher souls, in case the lowest souls slacks off. 2/3 say no and remain a consciousness, which is similar to a soul and makes space or keep it being made and is supported by one higher consciousness in 2nd or 3rd density. These are called oversouls or overconsciousnesses and in first density it divides 576 ways to make matter and space. There are 8 steps of 1st density and it lasts for 8 cycles, a cycle is 25,920 years. 1st density has 3 dimensions of space.
Second density

The oversoul or overconsciousness divides 144 way is 2nd density, a few continue making matter or space, but most make living things by the use of DNA & RNA. Souls make Flowers, Trees, Vegetables, Birds, Mammals and an unnamed animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. Consciousness make the other 12, since there are 18 branches of DNA, the one branch of RNA is used with all 18 branches of DNA and sometimes by itself. Two branches of DNA make simple animals and plants, while the other 16 branches make either animals or plants. There are 8 steps of 2nd density and it lasts for 5 cycles. Each next step a soul or consciousness becomes a more complex plant or animal on a different planet. 2nd density has 3 dimensions of space. Souls that make matter would be a large thing on a planet or star. A soul might be a river, lake or mountain or a piece of a star.
Third Density

The oversoul or overconsciousness divides 36 ways in 3rd density and becomes self aware living intelligent beings or one could call them people. Souls in 3rd density can become Vegetables, Birds or Mammal (like us). Just 3 out of a 1,000 or about .3% become Vegetable people, the highest class, about 24.9% become Bird people the next higher class and 74.8% become Mammal people, like Humanity. Consciousness can become in class order Reptile people, Insect people and Spider people. I’m not sure on the percentages, but Insect people are the most and Spider people are the least. One third of people in 3rd density have souls and 2/3rds just have consciousnesses, which are similar and about equal in intelligence, but have less empathy for others among other important traits. Third density has 8 steps and last for 3 cycles or a little longer till one makes ascension. One makes ascension after 3 cycles if one’s soul is polarized either over 50% positive or negative 5% or less of “Love and Service to Others”. After each step of 3rd density the oversoul or overconsciousness recombines and moves to another planet in it’s category and splits again in 36 new ways and does the next step. Our category is called the Elohim, it has 17 groups in 13 star systems all Mammal people. Third density has 3 dimensions of space. In 3rd density 24% of your soul is In your body, 36% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. If you are a Wanderer in 3rd density, 32% of your soul is in your body, 28% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. That 40% of your soul on the soul plane can be used for remote viewing and help you in other ways.
Lower 4th Density

Consciousnesses make ascension to this density as it is also called ascended soulless density and it is in realm 2. Consciousnesses that make ascension stay in this realm for 33 cycles and then go into the Creator Gods and do 8 steps there. In each realm matter is different, I’m told it is crystalized in this realm 2. Consciousnesses that make space in 2nd and then 3rd density, now become what I’m told are called cleaners and they will advance up through all the realms. In this realm they stay for 2 cycles, junior the 1st cycle and can’t move much and seniors the 2nd cycle moving around much more cleaning other stuff or recycling matter. When we make ascension, we spend about 1 month in this realm learning the rules of higher realm living. About 4% of unascended people with souls live here instead 3rd density, usually to escape the negative control. Souls that live in this realm get a body that is about 1 & 1/2 times as tall, but only weighs about 10% as much as 3rd density. One’s body is transparent and can eat, drink and talk, but doesn’t need to. One can have sex, but there is no fluid exchange and children aren’t made this way. Children are made by the couple opening their hands and asking God for a child and saying they will care for it. From between their hands a child comes out of the energy, similar to a 1 year old in 3rd density. The child grows up quickly and needs to eat and drink from the plants available, which are Flowers, Trees and Vegetables. There are no animals in this realm and there are no plants or animals in any higher realms. People have many spiritual abilities in this and higher realms like telepathy and teleportation. One usually has just 1 life or 1 body throughout the whole step. When the step is over the oversoul recombines and moves to another planet that is in realm 2, with the same kind of DNA, and then splits 36 new ways and does the next step. The same rules apply for ascension as in 3rd density. This realm 2 has 4 dimensions, 3 of space and 1 of time. So time is much different, I’m told that if you went there and came back you couldn’t explain it. No hot or cold in this or higher realms, no breathing either. An ascended consciousness that has went through 4 & 1/4 cycles, if qualified can become a Wanderer for a soulless people planet and go back to 3rd density for between 1 & 2 cycles. Only 9 out of 1,000 qualify and only 3 out of the 9 go for it, because it’s a big sacrifice, to go back to the misery and sorrows of 3rd density. Oversouls that make matter divide 28 ways and would usually be a small moon.
Upper 4th Density

This is realm 3 and where we live when we make ascension, it is also called 4th density. This realm 3 has 5 dimension 3 of space 1 of time and 1 of consciousness. Life is over 100 times better in this realm 3. One goes through 8 steps all on the same planet for 1 cycle if polarized over 50% positive or 12% or less for negative and ascends to the 5th density, if not polarized one does another cycle. When we make ascension we live in this realm on Earth. In this realm a soul gets a body twice as tall and weighs about 75% as much as 3rd density. One’s body does not have any openings, so no eating, drinking, talking or sex. One does need to get nourished by going to a special place and taking in special energy, this is the case for all higher realms. Cleaners live here for 2 cycles similar to realm 2. An oversoul making matter divides 24 ways and is in charge of a large lifeless planet, small star or a large moon. No liquids in this realm. A soul in this realm can make one copy of it’s soul and astral travel the universe all the time.
5th Density

This is realm 4 and it’s in the other kind of space, that we can’t see or go to. Souls usually ascend to this realm after 1 cycle of upper 4th density. One gets a better body in each higher realm. After a soul goes through 1/4 of a cycle in this density, the soul can become a Wanderer if qualified and go back to 3rd density on a soul people planet for between 1 and 2 cycles. Only about 9 in 1,000 qualify or are spiritual enough and only about 3 of the 9 take the mission, because it’s such a big sacrifice to go back to the sorrow and misery of 3rd density. I’m one of those, I’m even told I’m the 1st one on Earth. A Wanderer’s mission on Earth lasts for 1.74 cycles. A soul in this density can make 2 copies of it’s soul and astral travel the universe all the time. A soul spends 1 to 1.6 cycles in this density before ascending if polarized over 50% for positive or 18% or less of “Love and Service to Others” for negative. It depends when you entered upper 4th density how long you live in this realm. If you entered upper 4th on the cycle change than you only spend 1 cycle in 5th density. If one isn’t polarized one stays in 5th density another cycle. This realm 4 has 7 dimensions, 3 of space 1 of time and 3 of consciousness. Cleaners do 3 cycles in this realm. An oversoul that makes matter divides 18 ways and is an inhabited planet or a medium star.
6th density

This is realm 5 and it’s on Earth, some of Humanity will soon ascend to this realm on the cycle change, which I think is 9/21/2016. One can only ascend polarized positive over 50% of “Love and Service to Others” to the 7th density after doing 2 cycles, if one isn’t polarized positive one does 1 more cycle up to 8 cycles. This is the last realm one can get to as a negative which is 24% or lower of “Love and Service to Others” and if one doesn’t turn polarized positive in 8 cycles and make ascension, one’s soul is recycled! So this realm is overloaded with negatives, it has 7 times more than the 2 lower realms have. A soul in this realm can make 3 copies of his soul and astral travel the universe in 3 places at once all the time. This realm 5 has 9 dimensions, 3 of space 1 of time and 5 of consciousness. Cleaners do 4 cycles in this realm. An oversoul that makes matter divides 12 ways and is usually a red dwarf star or a large inhabited planet.
7th Density

This is realm 6 and is in the other kind of space that we can’t see or go to. This is the lowest realm where souls get such special bodies, that they can go in other lower realms. Souls or consciousnesses in the lower realms have to stay in their realm, except Insects in realm 2 can go back to realm 1 for short times and Vegetables souls in realms 3, 4 and 5 can go to lower realms down to realm 2, they can’t go down to realm 1. A positive soul that falls to 30% or lower of “Love and Service to Others” becomes a negative in the 7th density. A soul in this realm must make ascension by 12 cycles or be recycled, one has a chance to ascend after 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 cycles. A soul can make 4 copies of it’s soul and astral travel the universe in 4 places at once all the time. A cleaner does 8 cycles in this realm. An oversoul that makes matter divides 6 ways and is a star like our sun or bigger, but not creation star, that some call black holes, but I’m told black holes don’t exist. A 7th density being carries oversouls and overconsciousnesses to other planets, when they go to the next step. This realm 6 has 11 dimensions 3 of space 2 of time and 6 of consciousness. So time goes even more different, the people in this realm 6 live in the past, present and future at the same time. I’m told that there is a present in all realms, so they all have linear time plus more components.
8th density

This is the 7th realm, the highest realm and it’s on Earth. A soul does 18 cycles in this realm and goes into the creation Gods to do 8 steps regardless if one is positive, but being more positive is of course better. An 8th density soul like all higher density souls carefully studies 3rd density, but the 8th density can change our reality and often does. An 8th density soul is negative at 36% or lower of “Love and Service to Others”, but there aren’t many. A cleaner does 12 cycles in realm 7. An oversoul that makes matter does not divide and is a Creation star that are in the center of galaxies. In the 8th density there are large councils that run galaxies. An 8th density being can go anywhere in the universe and other universes. This density like all densities has 8 steps. This realm 7 has 12 dimensions 3 of space 2 of time 6 of consciousness and 1 of energy. A person in this realm can make 5 copies of their soul and astral different place at once all the time.

First God or the Source compresses some Zoni (Zoni is a term I made up and it is what the sourcefield is made of) and makes 16 soul size angel oversouls. It goes through 6 steps that take 28 cycles and stays on Earth or it’s planet, every planet has angels, the oversoul changes planets every step, just like people. Step 1 lasts for 3 cycles and the oversoul divides 16 ways into 12 different kind of beings, some of them are Elves, Achrons, Jinn, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Demons and nature spirits, 8 of these are positive and 4 are negative. Step 2 lasts for 5 cycles and divides 12 ways, these are the guardian angels for 2nd density, they stay with a 2nd density oversoul for the whole 5 cycles as 2nd density also lasts for 5 cycles. When the life form is simple like a microbe, it’s a angel for over 12,000 and when the life form is complex, it’s 1 angel for 4.

Step 3 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 8 ways and each angel is a guardian angel for a 3rd density being, all 3rd density beings have a guardian angel and this guardian works with it’s being on the soul plane in between lives and stays with that person through the whole step of 3rd density and may stay with that oversoul when it divides again next step. Step 4 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 4 ways, these angels are guardian angels for Wanderers, all 3rd density groups have Wanderers even the soulless ones. Wanderer contracts don’t last 3 cycles, so they do other work helping the people of that planet they are on. Step 5 lasts 6 cycles and divides 2 ways, these are archangels. Step 6 lasts for 8 cycles and the oversoul doesn’t divide, these angels can be called Cherubim and Seraphim, they are the top angels of Earth and greatly help Humanity. Angels never have a physical body, but they can transform and appear to us to help.

Life can be based on 6 different elements, here is the order of how common they are Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Chromium, Boron and Arsenic. DNA is used in all of these and it’s made of the same thing. All of these life forms have equal chance of being intelligent. Some of 3rd density lives under water and never has a chance to develop technology. 3rd density life lives in 5 common atmospheres, here is the order of how common they are Oxygen, Water vapor, Ammonia, Methane and Hydrogen. Beings that breathe Hydrogen cannot travel light speed or faster in space travel, but they can use worm holes or gravity jumps (not the right words). I’m told life springs up almost everywhere and over 90% of solar systems have 3rd density life.

Wanderers are souls or consciousnesses that have made ascension and are highly spiritual and agree to go back to 3rd density for between 1 to 2 cycles to help that group with spirituality, even the most negative groups has Wanderers. A consciousness makes ascension to realm 2 and after 4 & 1/4 cycles agrees to go back to 3rd density if qualified. A soul makes ascension to the upper 4th, then ascends to the 5th and 1/4 cycle into the 5th, souls can become Wanderers if qualified. Only .9% of souls or consciousnesses are spiritual enough to become Wanderers, but only .3% go for it because it’s such a big sacrifice to go back to the sorrow and misery of 3rd density, but there is a big reward when one is done, especially for souls, who go to 6th density with 1 of 2 cycles complete, and get a wonderful position and are treated like a hero, almost everyone will want to be your friend, especially the opposite sex. Wanderers have special spiritual skills and are on a mission of sorts. A 3rd density’s soul’s reality is 92% locked in place, so 8% freewill but 97% of a Wanderer’s reality is locked in place, so a Wanderer has only 3% freewill. You may think this is bad, but it’s not, a Wanderers stays on a good life path and is prevented from making most blunders, 3% is really plenty, I know all I did and it should of been terrible, but was only bad at times and now I was able to turn it around, if I had had 8% freewill I know I couldn’t of been able to turn it around. Use the sway test on my spiritual truth page to find out your souls skills.

There are five types of civilizations. Type 0 to type 4. Type 0 has little or no technology and may or may not have a government. Type 1 has some technology with space travel and must have a government and is usually negative. Type 2 has great technology by accessing the source field and has a government that is usually negative. Type 3 must have souls and may be in the Golden Age, must be positive, must have mastered energy and can easily move planets. must have a fair government and some spiritual harmony. Type 4 must souls and be in the Golden Age. It will have maximum technology and total spiritual harmony and has the ability to move stars.

A person can be possessed by a demon, which is a 1st step negative angel or a ghost of a person who died and didn’t go to the other side. The person must agree to it in some way. The demon or ghost cannot control the person, but can strongly influence them. The possession lasts for life, unless broken by the 8th density or Creator Gods. One way to do this is through an exorcism, where the 3rd density being asks for a clergyman’s help to call on God to break this possession. Another way is by reaching an 8th density being to ask God to break the union. An 8th density being can talk directly to God whenever it wants to.

There are 2 kinds of karma good and bad, they are equally important, they do not cancel out each other. One could win the lotto and be put in a wheelchair for life the same day, using a lot of good karma, while discharging a lot of bad karma. Karma is caused by emotions, the 2 main ones are Love (positive) and Fear (negative), all other emotions and there are many are a combination of these two. One must have a body to get or discharge karma, so when one is on the soul plane in between lives, one cannot get or discharge karma. An exception is a ghost, which is the soul of someone who has died and refused to go to the soul plane. The ghost still has an etheric body and may do evil and get bad karma. Anything one does to hurt anyone else in any way, one would get bad karma and it will be discharged later by something bad happening to you or one may reduce it through forgiveness. If one breaks one of man’s laws that God doesn’t agree with (victimless crime), one does not get bad karma, but if you get caught and are punished you will be discharging bad karma. When one does something good for another, without expecting to be properly compensated, one gets good karma, one should accumulate as much as one can reasonably get. Good karma is discharged when you get something good, often unexpected. Good karma is mostly used in getting a high quality reality or I should write a good easy life on reincarnation. A sports star would always have had lots of good karma from previous lives to get the great life or high quality reality a sports star has.
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