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a devotional song, typically about the life of Krishna, in which a group repeats lines sung by a leader.

halos lahat ng religion may devotional chant... share ko lang tong kirtan of hare krishna mantra.
when you sing , hear the music your establishing a connection to the divine.

maha mantra (reggae style) by c.c.white.

peace bro and sis.


  • i thought that it was Jesus who was reffered by the song
    "My sweet lord" by George Harrison but it turns out to be Lord Krishna who was praised as "the sweetest of the sweets"
    hence the title "My sweet lord"

    Hare Krishna.
  • one of my favorite govinda jaya jaya mantra by kula shaker govinda

    The song's lyrics run:
    "Govinda Jaya Jaya
    Gopala Jaya Jaya
    Radha Ramana Hari
    Govinda Jaya Jaya"

    Literal meaning:

    Govinda (Krishna, the Divine Cowherd),
    Glory, Glory

    Gopala (Krishna, Finder of cows),
    Glory, Glory

    Radha Ramana (Krishna, Lover of Radha),
    Hari (Krishna or Vishnu)
    Govinda, Victory, Victory
  • Jagon
    Jagon Don't listen to me
    hare hare peace na peace na

    ha, hahanapin pa, halimuyak na, hanggang hatinggabi hinahanap na ha....
  • hahahaha....praise mother yoni..hehe
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