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offroad tires

Hi guys my tacoma needs new tires
Its time to be replaced

Any good brand or offroad tires you can reccomend?


  • There are lots of brands to choose from, Federal, Dunlop, Michelin just to name a few. Just do not be tempted to buy Mud tires, these look really agressive and cool for your 4x4 or pickup, BUT it is noisy on the highway and fuel consumption would suffer.
  • Lol and I was thinking to buy those mud tires

    Thanx for the info
  • Im freakin broke crap
    Damn tires are expensive as hell geezz

    All terrain tires costs me over 1200 freakin tires :(
  • Mahal ang tires for 4x4 and pickup kasi malaki ang goma. Mud tires go even higher! I go to tire stores along tomas mapua street near tayuman area for 2nd hand tires, malaki ang difference. BUT you need to know what to watch out, like date of manufacture, softness of rubber, inspect the insides for puncture repair, and the typical 'UKIT' common on that place. Got my all terrain 15" rim AT tires for only 3.5k, tread is at least 90% remaining.
  • If you ask me thats a good deal you got there
    But no used tires here im in hawaii lol
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