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Repair Cost Question from a Car Newbie

Hi. I recently received a second hand Fortuner. There are a few problems which I am now repairing. The shop in Manila that repaired the wheel area gave me the following costing:

2,160 Ball joint upper
2,500 Ball joint lower
2,600 Rack end
2,240 Tie rod end
3,300 Stabilizer link
1,800 Machine shop press in/out
3,500 Labor
18,100 TOTAL

I'm quite a newbie and not much aware of a good pricing. I have no reason to suspect anything but would just like to get a second opinion.

Do you think that the costing is fair? If so, then great, we are all happy. If not, then what would you have changed if this was you?

Thanks in advance.


  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    Wow too expensive if these are replacement parts like 555. Bring it over to Exalta or Wheelers, both in N Roxas near Banawe. Am pretty sure you'll have this sorted under 10k.
  • The repair job is already done, so I will pay them but maybe I should negotiate the price down. They said the parts are replacements from japan.

    Should I find another mechanic to accompany me to double check their work?
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    Definitely you should nego. Then avoid the shop next time. I suggest you call an auto supply to verify the price first. Try this one LVC Banawe 7129722. So far they give reasonable price for auto parts.
  • Ok thanks. I'll get on it this afternoon.
  • Exgirlfriend
    Exgirlfriend I am Supah baby!
    whoah, ang mahal... huhulaan ko rapide yan noh? :glee:

    Next time dude, mag canvas ka muna ng price, bago ka mag go signal for repair.
  • Dude you can get those parts half the price on your local auto supply.

    Casa ba yan?

    Anyway, all you can do is negotiate for now. But i don't think you can get it down, now that the repairs are done. Goodluck!
  • newbie here in terms of buying 2nd car. Im about to buy honda civic 95 115k last price. Problem is speedometer not working and some buttons sa power windows are hard to respond. Magkano kaya paayus ng speedometer? ANyone knows? Thanks in advance
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