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1994 Mitsubishi Galant (7th Generation "Rayban") FLOOD FREE

1994 Mitsubishi Galant (7th Generation "Rayban")
Engine: 4G63A (4 Cylinder) SOHC
Displacement: 1998cc
Transmission: 4-speed Automatic (With Overdrive function)
Tires: Westlake 195/60/R15 / Work Ewing 2 15's Rims (PCD 114)
4 Disc Brakes

JVC CD Player Head Unit
Working Power Windows
Central Locking
Cylinder replaced 2012 (It has not been machined or filed down)
Timing Belt Replaced in 2012
Suspension Bushings have also been replaced in 2013
Tires are at 90% thickness (I have more or less used it for only 5000km)
Registered up to March 2015
Radiator is modified, it does not have any plastic parts (no more cracks)
No overheating
The car is used only to get me to work (From Sta Ana Manila to UST) and to Bacoor Cavite every weekends
New battery (Outlast, 2013; with warranty)
Complete Fog Lamps
New fuel filter (just changed this year)
Front Shocks replaced on 2012

Things to note:
* The car is being sold in an "as is" basis.
* The car has some defects in it, please bring a mechanic or have it checked after your purchase.
* Air-conditioning is not working, there is a leak in the evaporator and condenser. The compressor works, I have tried putting some freon in it and the AC works for a week.
* Average fuel consumption is 8km/liter on heavy traffic; 10km/liter on moderate to light traffic.
* Some cosmetic defects, such as fading paint and scratches are expected.
* Power-steering pump is out of alignment, the bolt broke off inside bracket. You can either replace the pump or ask a machine shop to extract the bolt from the pump.
* The fuel sending unit is broken, however, the low fuel indicator light is still functional.
* This is a car that I have always wanted to restore, the car is big enough to comfortably seat 5 adults (or cram six). The engine is quite powerful while at the same time has a decent fuel consumption.
* As a bonus, I will throw in a copy of this car's technical service manual from Mitsubishi and a separate Haynes service manual.
* Price starts at 80k; this price is negotiable for polite, civilized, and reasonable buyers. I am not in a rush to sell this car, so I reserve the right to decline or reject offers from potential buyers.
* I am not interested in swapping this car for a motorcycle.
* Car swaps: I might consider it, as long as the car has an automatic transmission.

For inquiries, please contact 0949-443-1680

Many thanks!
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