Do you give names to your cars? — PinoyExchange

Do you give names to your cars?

If yes, ano ang pangalan ng kotse niyo?


  • TRIX -isnmy clk500 for dating

    STHUMPER -my h2 all around vehicle

    TACO-my toyota tacoma
    Daily drive
  • Exgirlfriend
    Exgirlfriend I am Supah baby!
    not specific names but I call them "my baby".
  • chris024
    chris024 Licensed Aircraft Mechanic
    FoFo - ford focus :)
    I think common name Ito Sa focus :p
  • ermonski
    ermonski I PITY THE FOOL!!!
    I named my old Lancer to my office crush, but I won't mention her here because she might be a PeXer.

    my current car, a red 2014 Vios, I named her as Red Ranger. I'll think of a better name once a new girl comes along. :wink:
  • Yes, every one of them! I regard them as my best buds not just mere cars. My Hyundai Sonata is Moo from the classical music moonlight sonata. My Toyota Fortuner is Moz from Mozart the musician. Guess from this, you'd know I'm an ardent enthusiast of classical music. Naming them actually adds more value and care.

    Steel Tube Philippines
  • yes din ako dyan... My astra is named ASTRO, my classic beetle is BUGSY, our starex is named REXY and last is our innova named VANNY... lahat yan kabisado ng 3-yr old kong daughter...
  • mine is


  • 1995 Toyota GLI name is "Daboy"

    2014 Toyota Altis is "Chichay"
  • Carnelian - "Optimus Prime"
  • 1997 Corolla Gli - Jarvis

    Favorite kasi ng anak ko si Iron Man.. ;)
  • seunaxx
    seunaxx it's near..
    my volvo s80's name is "vixen".. :)
  • I call my Chevy Orlando "Bloom".
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