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Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club

Hello po,

Not sure exactly where to post this so gumawa na lang po ako ng new thread.

Anyway, does anybody know where I can get a hold of copies of really old (late 60s) episodes of this show? Not sure if I'm correct pero sa GMA po ba yung nakabili ng rights/franchise(?) to this show here in the country? Meron po kayang archivist ng mga old pinoy shows like this? If so, pwede pong pahingi ng contact details?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    i remember watching this when i was a kid during the late 80s to early 90s. loved all the toys here. i thought Uncle Bob and Tita April were a married couple.

    anyway, i found a video on youtube. you may want to try either contacting the uploader or check out the comments section for more info :)

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