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Need opinions on motorcycles

Are we allowed to ask about motorcycles here? This seemed like the most appropriate place to do it.

I'm in the market for a motorcycle (my first), and I need some advice. I'm looking for something I can use to get around the city, mainly to work and to the mall. My route takes me from Paranaque to Global City on a daily basis, sometimes to Makati/Alabang. I learned how to ride on a Honda TMX 155, so I'm not limited to automatics/scooters, and while I like the TMX I wanted to try something new. I've narrowed down my selection to 3 choices, based on price point:

Yamaha SZ-16
Kawasaki Rouser 135
Honda CB110

I've spoken to local dealers and they all work out to roughly the same DP/monthly, around 5k down and around 3k a month. I'm looking for something to use as a daily commuter, mainly to get me to work and back again, and for the occasional trip to the store. I waste too much time and money on public transportation, so fuel efficiency and reliability are more important to me than power/top speed, but I wouldn't mind having something that goes fast.

I'm leaning towards the CB 110, mainly because I've heard wonderful things about it's fuel efficiency and reliability, but I'm worried that the small 110 cc engine size and 4-speed transmission might end up hurting me in the long run. On the other hand the Rouser and the SZ-16 have bigger engines, but I've heard that the SZ-16 isn't nearly as good as the FZ-R, and not as fuel-efficient as other 150 cc bikes, and that both Kawasaki and Yamaha aren't all that reliable.

I learned to ride on a TMX 155 at the Honda Safety Driving Center in Paranaque, and although it's reliable and fast it wasn't exactly comfortable (although that may be due to age) and it didn't have an electric start. I did get to test drive the CB 110, but I couldn't spend as much time on it as the 155. I'm not considering the TMX Supremo despite its qualities because people have told me that you'd get turned away from certain subdivisions/parts of Manila if you turn up on a 'pang-trabaho' motorcycle. I admit, it sounds crazy, but given that people are turned away from gov't offices and office buildings for wearing shorts it doesn't seem all that hard to believe that you'd be judged by the quality of the bike you're riding.

So between these four motorcycles, which would you choose, and why? I'm open to other suggestions if you've got any.


  • Good Day cornjuliox,

    I hope you get an answer to your question.

    I am currently living in Baguio City and I have the same dilemma regarding these 3 motorcycles.

    If you ever get or find an answer to your question, I would love to be informed as well.

  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I think the best person to answer your questions here is member "revelations."
  • uy, special mention pa ako ah.

    the three choices you mentioned are from highest to lowest displacements: 153 cc, 135 cc, and 110.

    You are right in mentioning that the CB 110 is very fuel efficient, mainly because of the small engine displacement. taking into consideration the displacement, the yamaha sz is very high already for your intended use of the motorcycle. in my experience in riding around metro manila, the highest speed I can attain is around 60-65 kph, average ko ay 45-55 lang and lower sa traffic. you don't need the extra power, unless you plan on going on out-of-town trips na maraming akyatan.

    the yamaha sz and kawasaki rouser (135) have the oomph factor. maporma kumbaga. also, the yamaha 150 bikes are fairly new in the market.

    the kawasaki on the other hand, I have read good reviews on reliability and durability when it comes to LONG RIDES.

    personally, I'd go for the lower displacement CB-110. pinaka-fuel efficient kasi.

    but that's just me.

    and tama ka nga about the "big bike" porma, with some establishments being discriminating when it comes to your bike's appearance. go for the kawasaki motorcycle kung ganun.

    take into consideration your comfort when riding the bike. I almost bought a cbr motorcycle years ago but I changed my mind when I did a sudden brake... ipit ang [email protected] ko sa tank. ouch!

    one last advice when you choose your motorcycle. as much as possible, choose a bike that you DON'T need to customize further. in my experience, sakit sa ulo lang ang pag-setup ng motor, as it degrades the bike. yes, magpalit ka ng bumbilya, busina, adjust the shocks/springs to suit your height; but anything else huwag na.

    I hope this helps.
  • pahabol... kung biyaheng baguio ang paguusapan, choose the HIGHEST displacement you can afford. the higher, the better.

    I once owned an xrm 110 cc. nabibitin ako sa pag-akyat. next bike ko ay 150 cc scooter, masmaganda and masbagay sa akyatan kumpara sa 110 cc xrm.

    oo nga pala, I've read that the kawasaki rouser 135 has two spark plugs and is designed for the e-fuels, naka-CDI ka na; which translates to better fuel efficiency.
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