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Minor travel Clearance to HK? (with UAE residence visa)

Hi guys! We are Filipinos with UAE residence visas. I will be travelling with my mom, sister and nephew from Dubai to Manila, we will be staying to MNL for 2 days, then we will travel to Hong Kong using PAL and stay there for 5 days. We will go back to UAE from Hong Kong. Is it required for my nephew (8yrs old) to have child clearance if the parents won't be travelling but with grandma? He has a residence visa to Dubai. Is he exempted on clearance because he has UAE residence visa?

Both his parents are in UAE and there is no DSWD here so I don't know how we can get one. I tried calling/email/tweet DSWD but no response. Someone answered on the phone but she was clueless.



  • BUMP guys. Hope someone know the answer. We are travelling in less than 2 hours and I don't now if I should cancel my nephew's tkt :(
  • reesemicahreesemicah PEx Rookie ⭐
    if neither parents are traveling with the minor, you need to secure a travel clearance from DSWD even if they hold residency sa ibang bansa since Philippine passport holder pa rin sila...
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