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Wanted Online Affiliate! Inquire Inside!

I need Online Affiliates for my Online Business. Part-time or full-time is ok.
(“This is not MLM, this is not Network Marketing, this is not Online Job, This is not PTC, This is not blogging, this is NOT COMPLICATED”)


PM me on this link ==> http://bit.ly/Message-Julius-Mater


  • s0njays0njay PEx Rookie ⭐

    These are available database groups:
    * 80,000+ Condo and Real Estate Investors NCR-Based
    * 60,000+ Vehicle Owners, High-End Makes and Models
    * 140,000+ VIP Airline 1st Class Member Travelers
    * 200,000+ Hotel Membership Contacts (4 & 5 Star Hotels Manila, Cebu, Davao)
    * 256,000+ High Level Political Supporters, NCR-Based
    * 200,000+ Attendees of Business Conferences and Seminars
    * 50,000+ University Alumni Top 7 Schools in Manila / Cebu
    * 2,600,000+ Card Holders of Various Philippine Banks
    * 5,400,000+ Post Paid Subscribers, Mobile Companies
    * 40,000+ Golf Club Members, Polo Club Members
    * 153,000 Fitness VIP Members
    * 75,000+ OFW Lists (USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe, Canada)
    * 350,000+ Online Shoppers / Retail Buyers
    * 100,000 Corporate Emails Philippines Based

    NOTE: These people have given permission to receive promos and deals because they have transacted at least once with our partners. The pricing displayed here is for the first 25 orders or until March 31, 2015 only, whichever comes first.

    Email marketing has been the most effective form of mass marketing in the world. We use our own database of contacts to send a blast of your message. Further, we set this up in a way that recipients see the email address of YOUR COMPANY OR BRAND as the sender, and replies also go straight to your email inbox, not ours!

    If you just want a database of leads, a package of 6,000 contacts is worth p5k.

    Jayson Guevarra​
    (02)3502058 | 09266371908 | 09335625708
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