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Corporate Governance Analyst (Work from Home)

While Egan-Jones governance analysts are expected to be well rounded versatile, intelligent independent thinkers the following list may function as a summary of their basic job functions:

•Work with other research team members to produce insightful, well-reasoned, industry leading research reports using any and all versions of the Egan-Jones Guidelines

•Participate in emails and online discussions with corporate directors, and financial and legal advisers, as well as institutional investors, as part of the research process

•Answer internal/external client or company queries on research reports and proxy voting recommendations

•Contribute to white papers and other thought pieces on trends in global corporate governance

•Participate in the development of Egan-Jones Proxy Guidelines

•Create content for Egan-Jones and partner publications, for example the monthly newsletter

•Participate in peer review of proxy analysis reports written by other analysts

•Understand, use and improve Egan-Jones proxy datasets and SQL databases as well as quantitative models and governance scoring systems

•Employ industry leading technology and techniques to deliver accurate and timely product in a high volume environment

•Understand, document, and test Egan-Jones proxy report creation web platforms

•Create data centric custom reports for both internal and external use

•Interact in a positive, polite and professional manner with all clients, vendors, fellow employees and managers

•Respect the chain of command

•Immediately report any code of conduct, ethics or conflict of interest issues to the compliance officer or their designee
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