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We can do it earth.

The blood moon is a historic time of the world and for me its a time I had to do things to save this world that only I understand lol it sucks coz you cant relate :(
the blood moon reflects to the minions of this world how its energy is built and this is through the ying and yang fundamentals.

I am one of those who understand things that no one else really understands, call me a dreamer, call me a fool but I call that wack. lol

this generation must shift this earth on a path which will benefit the little ones of the future generations so stop being self centered and stupid, this is all about the bigger picture, we might think we cant make the difference but one is just as good as none..

let me remind you mother nature heart is Philippines which has been hurt and bruised by other earthlings and Philippines is her heart. When the world deteriorated the Filipino society and mother nature beating heart they don't know that when mother nature heart is bruised its a sign that we are in bad shape and that we are tilting towards catastrophe on an earthly scale :(

mother nature loves you more than you love it so it may just stick around lol thats why she fought hard to keep you together during the blood moon. well the mother has fought for you for this long so why give up since she has the most resilient heart that has loved a world which at times is hard to love; so appreciate and respect you're mother and thats mother nature which uniquely bonds all living organism in this strange planet we call earth.

I can feel that her heart is slowly dying, she was about to rip you to shreds because of the mental agony you gave to her fav son who she has given the gift; she is a wise women she gives the gifts to those who deserve it and who can make it materialize ... a burden to the chosen one but its her secretive plan :D but at the end she loves you too much so she kept you yet again so we can tango for longer now :D YAY

stop being self centered because the beating heart of the future generations need to flourish as much as we do... though WE are the big problem due to our carbon waste, over population & etc. but we are the solution DUH. we caused we fix it. why not its worth it for the future generations & life is worth fighting for its what we humans are which is life. yollo...

Mabuhay to the warriors of light and thats my fellow filipinos and to those good non-Filipinos who have the liberal, free spirited, earthly nature, humble and with heart. this type of people can change the world forget the lunatics, its the normal everyday sane people who keep it moving....

MOther nature gave you this extra chance to enjoy this world, spiritually she can control it but you have weakened it and those at fault who caused her harm must pray for her forgiveness because mother nature is too compassionate to fools. she is done nurturing you she has given you the keys and after the blood moon its a sign and magic to let you drive her car the way YOU want to.... but basically WE have to fix this world for our MOTHER, which many of you neglected even though she has more HEART FOR YOU THAN VICE VERSA.

anyway you crazy mofos think you can control mother nature and destroy her heart but dont worry she will always fight for you no matter what it comes down to because at the end of the day the mother has too much heart for you even though I believe she shouldn't....jk

& remember to LIVE.... mabuhay from mother nature and keep fighting the warriors of the light.


  • mother nature chosen weapon this current times is her sneaky, sly, magical, swift cat.
    who has made this world drop like a potato and gathered its attention with its shady yet far superior importance.

    mother nature warriors out played a world who thought man made things control its worldy existence at to some degree yes, but as a whole mother nature and her weapons are the ones controlling it. hahaha you cant out play mother nature she can play you like no other :D
  • life is a game made for everyone and life is a game where the children of light can still dominate even though marginalized, a minority but just as huge spiritually.
  • YOU can blame Apolaki or mother nature for you're problems or this earth problems but in actuality they gave you everything YOU caused the PROBLEM so BLAME YOURSELF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • and remember mother nature & APOLAKI can see all of YOU nothing is fooling them my earthly friends. many of you destroyed or hated on this Filipinos, when its a fact they are mother natures hope, love, chosen origin, her heartbeat but at the end you hated on the wrong people what an irony for them who did wrong towards her primary people. but a blessing in disguise for the most nicest people in the world and thats the FILIPINOS.

    Mother nature and apolaki have the final say if you're spirit deserves to live in another dimension to further fight for you're worth or if you deserve to live within the kingdom of god which is blessed with FUN and JOY with no side-effects mentally or physically. how tripy is that. its the bomb :rotflmao: and lastly they are the ones to choose if you deserve the least desired destination and thats eternal darkness, fire & pain.

    she is not saying you have to be perfect because nothing is, people in the military may harm people but its there job, but if people kill for the thrill without reasoning then thats a different thing, there are perimeters that are defined based on the individual circumstance.

    she is lenient but to fly in the kingdom of god may take a few dimensions to conquer, it could be you're future mission it all depends on you're track record, because nothing is hidden to them about you; you're personal info is not personal to them because they can upload that into the realms of judgment with no hassle :D lol

  • its so funny how mother nature purposely did her sneaky attacks and its funny how the world caused the fragile balance in this world without realizing almost destroying it into pieces but its part of mother natures plan to show this new generation that actually it is non lumerians who caused the problems in the first place, people thought they could obtain mother nature when dominating Philippines but mother nature is not for you to control obviously, its natural and it does things on purpose to save this world and you're existence though many of you disrespected her for thousand of years.............. but Karma shall hit them with understanding the truth because the truth is just way to funny and yes we Filipinos dont need to act like we are better than others because nothing is greater than what the Filipino stands for, something the world can learn from though they keep destroying it. what a pity.
  • its time to wake up the sleeping tiger :D:D . unite. move forward. be more resilient. be smarter & do what we always do and thats live :p
  • they can try BUT
  • Gaia/Terra/Sophia/Earth is a sentient being, a feminine divine.

    The following texts implies to me that Thoth had some astral or spiritual travel to get in touch with the heart of mother earth. This could be after she was wounded harshly by the trauma of Atlantis' war cataclysms.

    - from The Key of Time

    "Once in my search for deep buried wisdom,
    I opened the door that bars THEM from man.
    Called I from the other planes of being,
    one who was fairer than the daughters of men.
    Aye, I called her from out of the spaces,
    to shine as a Light in the world of men.

    Used I the drum of the Serpent.
    Wore I the robe of the purple and gold.
    Placed on my head, I, the crown of Silver.
    Around me the circle of cinnabar shone.
    Raised I my arms and cried the invocation
    that opens the path to the planes beyond,
    cried to the LORDS of the SIGNS in their houses:
    Lords of the two horizons,
    watchers of the treble gates,
    stand ye One at the right and One at the left
    as the STAR rises to his throne
    and rules over his sign.
    Aye, thou dark prince of ARULU,
    open the gates of the dim, hidden land
    and release her whom ye keep imprisoned.

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,
    dark Lords and Shining Ones,
    and by their secret names,
    names which I know and can pronounce,
    year ye and obey my will.

    Lit I then twith flame my circle
    and called HER
    in the space-planes beyond
    Daught of Light return from ARULU.

    Seven times and seven times
    have I passed through the fire.
    Food have I not eaten.
    Water have I not drunk.
    I call thee from ARULU,
    from the realms of EKERSHEGAL.
    I summon thee, lady of Light.

    Then before me rose the dark figures;
    aye, the figures of the Lords of Arulu.
    Parted they before me
    and forth came the Lady of Light.

    Free was she now from the LORDS of the night,
    free to live in the Light of the earth Sun,
    free to live as a child of the Light.


    Follow ye and learn of my magic.
    Know that all force is thine if thou wilt.
    Fear not the path that leads thee to knowledge,
    but rather shun ye the dark road.

    Light is thine, O man, for the taking.
    Cast off the fetters and thou shalt be free.
    Know ye that they Soul is living in bondage
    fettered by fears that hold ye in thrall.

    Open thy eyes and see the great SUN-LIGHT.
    Be not afraid for all is thine own.
    Fear is the LORD of the dark ARULU
    to he who never faced the dark fear.
    Aye, know that fear has existence
    created by those who are bound by their fears.

    Shake off thy bondage, O children,
    and walk in the Light of the glorious day.
    Never turn they thoughts to the darkness
    and surely ye shall be One with the Light."

    My intent is for her to be well
    And recover from the idiocities of humanity. Love and respect to her!
  • the Lemurian spirit still shines through. and the children of the light has showed them who is actually on the outside and its them. its not filipinos who need to earn there praise its actually the other way around. but keep it on a down low. let them act erratic.... lets stay humble bcoz us Filipinos should know by now who rules =)

  • thanx obii for the wise words above..... we lemurians have fought for mother nature all our lives so we will never ever let them win over our mother.
    they dont even understand how pissed of our mother is with the world, she was at boiling point recently she was almost gonna go on rampage.... but I talked her out of it and we did some magic together, though this magic involved for her to give in and basically after the blood moon she will forever stop controlling the world, the blood moon is a symbol of our mother moving on, she has let us control our destiny because its what we asked for and maybe its her way of saying "she gives up & she entrust us all to keep this world moving since people think they can run it".... lets see eyyy will humans ever learn? history proves otherwise.. but lets hope.

    but when things get bad there is no mother nature anymore to save you, she has left it to you to fix it & drive it...... mother nature fixes things in a huge scale and it ain't that smooth as we like it to be. but since her main pawns and children are living in outer areas from her protective triangle she had to give up and let the world control its destiny.

    you choose this path earth & so you get this path. keep it on the path where the world survives pls. thats my only favor from you all and thats not mother nature talking thats me.

    and many of the fools who have hurt our mother nature and her heart should be very ashamed of themselves.... its there fault and mother nature is the victim when its a fact she is the hero of mother earth.

    you have pushed mother nature into the brink but they don't know a few things, do they actually think its good to abuse the creator of life and its mother nature / her chosen children.... well THEY who have caused her children with rampant pain will soon know what she thinks about you after you pass away. you better ask for her forgiveness thats all I have to say :D
  • Our mother & Sun has always been there for you Filipinos, even if the current circumstances of the rampant hurricanes may seem like God is far away. but if you look back at history it's not us who destroyed the origins of mother its cough. the.....:rotflmao:

    through the Filipinos darkest days

    through times of celebration

    even in our alone time

    through highs and lows they will be with you

    Mother Nature & Apolaki is trying to empower us Lemurian's to teach the world our values which will save man from it's self destruction. we must be a strong nation to do so. when our values fade opposed to others in our world we may loose the true value that matters the most and that will be unfortunate.

    we Filipinos make the most of the time we have with our rock "our earth" dont you know its the simple things that make "life" well "life" and thats why life is entrenched in our language like "mabuhay" a recipe that isn't foreign actually which was entrusted and originated with Filipino/Lumerian people
  • who would have thought the words of apolaki hope for this world is in one person and one person who is more power than all the weapons combined and the good thing is the most powerful weapon is for the good and benefit of the world
  • Ive always felt all my life that I had a mission and apolaki is right. thanx so much for giving me power to sweep this world in slow but fatal manner. :love::love:
  • Heaven1.jpg
    the light shines bright for us once again though the past is history but the sole of Lumeria lives on and its the soul that counts (people just dont get it); it has never been about the materialistic things.

    mother nature gave you everything in abundance until man drastically manipulated nature and eroded it with there usual non spirited minds.

    She has always been here for all of you to teach you lessons of the way she works and the way others works is not the way she works.. paper might cut it in this world but for mother nature thats not enough she is all for YOU. =) unfortunately most of you are stupid and never seem to understand that (over and over again)
  • I am Apolaki prowling cat and i came creepin in like no other. the thunder from the Philippines that touched the thunder of down under. :love:
  • . the power of the supreme cat has been well celebrated in ancient Egypt and the appearance has materialized like a loud thunder =)
  • the Chines know about the supreme cat before its coming.....:D
  • the spirit of Princess Urduja will rise to claim what mother earth stands for watch out for her. the next star of the universe
  • the next chapter will come like a hurricane of spirits that is Lumeria the mother of our earth. she will rise in the next few generations. this girl will lay it out. :love:
    she is the next chapter of mother earth.

    Im the cat
    but mothers spirit will come next. this young girl is the next chapter of the light.
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