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Nalulungkot ng walang dahilan

Eto na naman ako. Ayoko namang mag spread ng nega vibes sa mga kasama ko, pero I can't help but to feel sad. Kahit anung gawin kong evaluation, hindi ko mahanap dahilan ng pagka lungkot ko.

Hindi ko rin kayang i open tong topic na to sa iba kong friends. Sabi nila palagi na lang daw akong nagkakaganito eh.



  • Counseling ang kailangan mo. Baka mayroon kang clinical depression.
  • hardrivehardrive Member ✭✭✭
    Yup you have depression
    But no worry youre not alone
    I feel the same way sometimes
    All you need is someone to talk to pero wag pag uusapan ang nakaka depressed ah heheheh
  • balbolskibalbolski Count D ✭✭✭
    kailangan mo ng isang malupit na bituin na walang ningning :naughty3: :glee:
  • ooo. siguro nga. Recommended ba ang isolation?
  • hardrivehardrive Member ✭✭✭
    Isolation is badd lalo ka ma depressed niyan
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus
    Sweetheart that sounds like clinical depression, like some of the folks above already stated, you should seek help. At least you already figured out that you have a problem the rest is getting it fixed.

    Pero...first talagang think about whether or not you really are sad 'for no reason'. Maybe you have tons of reason why you are you're just not admitting it consciously: maybe you are lonely, maybe you're homesick, maybe it's just the holiday season maybe you have you have issues more than just psychiatric (ie depression) maybe you have hormone imbalance for example. I know a guy who was depressed and just played video games, until one of his friends talked to his wife about it. The wife, who obviously knew the symptoms didn't want to say anything until somebody else told her about it. They talked to him and he sought a physiologist. Finally the counselor referred him to a doctor because she couldn't find anything 'wrong' with him, his PCM took samples for testosterone imbalance, and sure enough he had low testosterone.

    Good luck to you,

  • I will. Thanks!
  • mixstarmixstar Member PExer
    try to change your diet and lifestyle. There are sad food kasi that can make you sad and lack of physical activities din makes you feel flat. Happy foods are veggies and fruits cut your meat too and junk food
  • Is that loneliness?

    In psychology, loneliness simply occurs when we want a certain level of social interaction with people which we don't have at the moment. That's why you don't feel lonely when you're tired from work and you just want to laze around. Similarly, people become lonely when they see some of their friends regularly going out.

    If you think it's loneliness, then it's curable by a simple "Hi how are you?".
  • 5thMizuKage5thMizuKage Gogo Yubari PExer
    Meron talagang ganyan. Yung iba eh may reason naman behind their depression kaso hindi na lang maalala since the back story happened a long long time ago.
  • ermonskiermonski I PITY THE FOOL!!! ✭✭✭
    gumagawa ka lang ng sarili mong problema.
  • droidsensedroidsense Member PExer
    baka masyado ka ng babad sa work.. relak lang boss
  • balbolskibalbolski Count D ✭✭✭
    laruin mo ang kasoy at liligaya ka....

    :naughty3: :glee:
  • matakawmatakaw Doble-Kara PExer
    Ganyan din ako minsan eh.

    May pagka-boring kasi ang buhay ko kaya nalulungkot din ako for some reasons.
  • AyramAyram PExer
    Were same. Ganyan din ako, everytime I wake up in the morning nakakaramdam ako ng pamimigat sa pakiramdam ko para akong maiiyak ng walang dahilan, nakakaramdam ako ng lungkot. And I dont know why. 
  • panis_na_putopanis_na_puto Member PExer
    Ayram said:
    Were same. Ganyan din ako, everytime I wake up in the morning nakakaramdam ako ng pamimigat sa pakiramdam ko para akong maiiyak ng walang dahilan, nakakaramdam ako ng lungkot. And I dont know why. 
    Patingin ka baka mayroon kang clinical depression.

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