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U2 controversial Album cover

To those who owns an apple product and had logged in to itunes, you'll be surprised with a free "secret" download of U2 Songs of Innocence album. I did not ask for this and I don't like U2 type genre. I really had a difficult time deleting this unwanted music from my ipod and itunes. It persistently appears on my itunes after deleting it countless of times and I wanted to pull my hair out. It's so frustrating and really annoying! Fortunately, due to customer complaints, Apple had made a removal tool for this like some malware. Oh, my goodness! They have intended it to be permanently embedded in your apple products.

A lot of users were pissed not only because of their "unwanted no permission to download hard to delete" music but because of their Album cover image:


Being a girl, I think it's kind of cute two half naked guys lovingly hugging each other. I don't mind. :lol:

However, my guy friends hated it on their device because it's friggin gay and disgusting! They'll get teased for viewing a gay picture. Haha! :glee:

I was really wondering why U2 had released this kind of provocative image. Why pick two half naked men hugging which they knew very well would provoke a "gay" first impression. According to the band, it's actually their drummer and his son. Even with this explanation, people reacted it's not only gay but incest, promoting pederasty.

Searching online again to see whether U2 had released similar provocative images, I found this:





I mean, WTF!! These people are sick!

Way to go sick sunglass Bono!


  • crocopie
    crocopie Luis Suarez No. 7
    Looks like it's the same kid!

    Sunday Bloody Sunday and War are awesome!
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