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Your Thoughts on Honda Brio / Brio Amaze


Just want to know your thoughts on Honda Brio / Brio Amaze.
About its looks, price, performance, efficiency and safety.

Will you go for Honda Brio / Brio Amaze? If not, which subcompact cars do you prefer and why?



  • may napanood akong auto review. i think it was drive. James Deakin ranked the 3 sub compact in this order brio>mirage>wigo

    kung super sub compact i think brio is the best pero kung sub compact madami choice na mas ok sa brio. city/vios/jazz/fiesta/accent/yaris/mazda2(this one is nice)/rio...
  • cp3
    cp3 Rookie No More!
    AFAIK, the Brio is more powerful with its 1.3 ivtec 4 cylinder engine (Same as the previous 1.3 Jazz and City), spacious and feature-packed as compared to the likes of the Wigo, Mirage (well features, almost), Picanto and the like. If you notice there are no 1.3 variants for the new Jazz and City already, only 1.5, and these Brio and Amaze I believe may be Honda's replacement. :)
  • mcp24mbc
    mcp24mbc Always watch your back
    Did they mention about its fuel consumption? I'm looking at the Amaze variant
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