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Car CCTV need feedback

I am currently researching this market and found a product which I think is good for us.

a 4 Channel CCTV for the car.

The front camera records the road ahead in case of accidents.
The side cameras record the windows for kotong cops and criminals
The last camera records the interior of the car with the passengers and driver.

The current dashcams available on the market are only 1 camera on front or dual camera for prices ranging from 2k for the cdrking type to 10k for dual cameras etc.

The price for my setup is Php 20K with free installation. The device is made of one camera unit and one dvr unit which can be hidden inside the car.

What do you guys think? Reasonable? I researched this product because I have lost all faith in the policemen here and we spend a lot of hours inside our cars. Knowing that I am recording inside my car made me feel safer because I know whatever happens there will be a record of it.
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