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[HELP] How to get a Philippine Passport for a Dual citizen?

Hello everyone I need your help regarding my situation. I am born in Canada and that makes me a canadian citizen. My mom is a filipino citizen by the time of my birth (1991) and that makes me a filipino citizen too. I am living in PH for 22years now. I received a paper from Bureau of Immigration May 1992, saying that I am recognized filipino citizen pursuant to the 1987 Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 2. I do not have NSO certified birth certificate and that's one of the requirements to get a philippine passport. Do I still need to get a philippine passport to exit PH and go to canada or I can just show them the paper from the BI and my canadian passport? I can be tagged as overstaying if i cannot show them any valid documents that i am a filipino. I have SSS number TIN number PAGIBIG number, Voter's ID, Philhealth ID, Driver's License and other documents issued by the government. I need to know if I still need to get a philippine passport, if yes how can I certify my birth certificate? or what other steps to do to complete my filipino citizenship. I checked with Dual Citizenship Under R.A. 9225 but I think i dont fall under that bracket.


  • Hi!

    I'll try to help you out.

    You can try to go to the DFA and instead of showing them an NSO Birth Certificate, you can show them your Canadian Birth Certificate and the Certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

    AFAIK, that would suffice.

    You can also call the DFA to verify.

    Let us know.

    Hope that helps.
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