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Novare technologies, inc. Job vacancies (open to fresh graduates)

NOVARE TECHNOLOGIES’ uniquely deep domain expertise in mobile network operations has earned the satisfaction, respect and admiration of our core customers around the world – mobile carriers and their solution vendors.
We advise and provide backend integration between carriers’ networks and the technologies of their solution vendors. On the front end, we port and customize applications for Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and other Linux platforms, enabling mobile carriers to deliver differentiated services to their enterprise customers.

  • Designs, develops, and maintains application solutions and software for customers based on specifications and requirements
  • Integrates, tests, and debugs application solutions and software when deployed in development, test and production environments
  • Ensures complete delivery of all customer requirements and documentation
  • Manages and maintains resources and artifacts necessary for the completion of ones projects such as tools, source code, documentation, project and time tracking information and customer information
  • Tests and experiments with new tools and technologies that will help in designing and developing software for current and future requirements
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management from time to time

  • Provide technical services and expertise during deployments and other project assignments.
  • Monitor computer systems performance and condition and prevent technical issues.
  • Administer user accounts and privileges of corporate systems such as network, email, VoIP, DB and other web applications.
  • Perform data backup and responsible in system restoration during issues.
  • Report operation statistics and update manager on project or issue developments.
  • Troubleshoot and act on various technical issues affecting internal operation.
  • Handles vendor relation and technical asset management.

OPEN TO FRESH GRADUATES! Please email your resume to [email protected]
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