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need legal advice

hope you can help me. i have a friend who become positive during their annual drug testing. and his employer requires him to undergo rehabilitation at his own cost. my friend is occasional drug user he admitted but his behavior is just normal. is it possible that the company can urge their employees to undergo drug rehabilitation treatment? even without any signs or violent act he was commiting in the past. hope you could help him, thanks and more power.:)


  • Here in the Philippines, it's very illegal to use any form of prohibited drugs. Unless of course they are prescribed and bought from licensed retailer.
    Anyone caught using will can be imprisoned for such event most especially when caught in the act.

    A company such enforce such action once an employee is sought to break into their employee etiquette.
    Bare in mind no company would want to be affiliated with anyone who may damage the company's name.

    As per your friend. He will have to undergo such rehabilitation. Even though there are no signs of side effects taking effect. His company is just taking precautions
    His career path can be compromised since the HR can pass this event to his next company if ever he decides to resign and look for another job.
    Yes, he will have to do it on his own and his own money. The act itself isn't related to the company body hence, it's a personal act and decision.

    But please. Don't advise your friend to resign immediately or take such rehabilitation. Have him make an appeasement for such behaviour.
    There are many forms of appeasement but he must be wise to choose something from the list that will make a win-win for the both of them (him and his company).
  • thank you so much nanojava for you clear reply... thank you so much for your time.. now i'm enlightened. thank you again.. Godbless.. :-)
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