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Viva Films: SPELLBOUND PH Version (Marco Gumabao and Bela Padilla)

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James Reid reveals he is set to do a new movie and teleserye with Nadine Lustre
10/07/2014 10:28 AM
by: Kristhoff Cagape
Push This

100714-james_main.jpgJames Reid attributes the success of his Wansapantaym series with Nadine Lustre My App Boyfie to their fans. “I mean another successful project for me and Nadine, I feel like I’m on fire, it’s doing really well and we’re really thankful to the fans for the support, for making us trend worldwide is really big. Thank you so much for making us trend every day and we love you guys, we will do anything for you guys,” he said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

On what fans should expect in the upcoming episodes of My App Boyfie, James said, “A little bit of tragedy, a little bit of heartbreak, but it all ends well. You have to watch the whole series because if you will drop halfway, you will really get sad. So far, so good, it’s interesting, it’s different, it’s unique with a fantasy twist.”

James shared that he is set to do another movie and a new teleserye with Nadine. “We will [do a teleserye] they’re making plans, also another movie. Before the year ends, we’ll release another movie,” he said.

With his many successes, James said that every sacrifice has truly been worth it. “Even the two movies, that were big for me and a hit show that’s another milestone. I’ve sacrificed a lot of time but it’s all worth it.”

Last Sunday, October 6, 2014, James and Nadine had a back-to-back production number with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo (KathNiel) whom they are constantly compared to. When asked about his thoughts about it, he said, “Yeah they came after us, it’s cool that we’re back-to-back with KathNiel. You know it’s really cool for me that they are bringing us up to that level, me and Nadine, we’re really happy about it.” When asked if there was any awkwardness, he commented, “I’m sure there’s no awkwardness between us.”


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    You Guys, James Reid And Nadine Lustre Are Doing A Remake Of 'Spellbound!'

    We're so excited to see them back together on the big screen!
    by STEPH ESGUERRA OLARTE | 16 hours ago

    It was only a few days ago when Viva Films released a statement about James Reid's withdrawal from the movie, Pedro Penduko

    According to Viva Films, James backed out of the movie due to a spinal injury, which prevents him from doing the intense stunts and training involved. No replacement has been found yet for James.

    "James has spent over a year training and getting ready for this film and Viva truly appreciates his dedication and commitment to this project," Viva said in its statement. "Viva respects James' decision and wishes him a speedy recovery." 

    James may have withdrawn from the action-fantasy role, but he's set to star in a different movie instead, this time back with Nadine Lustre for the remake of the 2011 Korean movie, Spellbound!

    ICYDK, Spellbound is a horror rom-com about a magician who falls in love with a woman who can see spirits. It starred  Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ki. 

    We are sooo excited to see James and Nadine back together, and we can't wait for them to ham it up on the big screen!

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    JaDine to star in Philippine remake of Korean flick ‘Spellbound’

    The love team is back on the big screen!

    Published 2:17 PM, June 04, 2019
    Updated 2:17 PM, June 04, 2019

    SPELLBOUND The Korean horror-romantic comedy remake will star James Reid and Nadine Lustre Photo by Jay GanzonRappler

    SPELLBOUND. The Korean horror-romantic comedy remake will star James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Photo by Jay Ganzon/Rappler

    MANILA, Philippines – After James Reid announced his withdrawalfrom Pedro Penduko on Saturday, June 1, the actor said that he, along with girlfriend and on-screen partner Nadine Lustre, will be starring in the remake of the 2011 Korean movie Spellbound.

    The pair’s agency, Viva Entertainment, announced the love team’s big screen comeback on its website on Monday, June 3. Spellbound will be the couple’s first movie since their blockbuster hit Never Not Love You in March 2018.

    The horror-romantic comedy Spellbound, titled My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts in English, is about a magician who falls in love with a woman who can see ghosts, and stars Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin.

    The film's production timeline or release date have not yet been revealed. – Rappler.com

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    Nadine Lustre confirms reunion movie with James Reid!

    June 21, 2019

    Millennial Multi-hyphenate Nadine Lustre recently confirmed that the reunion movie with her onscreen and real life partner, James Reid, is finally happening!

    Facebook/Mega Magazine

    Fresh from her win as 42nd Gawad Urian’s “Pinakamahusay na Pangunahing Aktres,” Nadine showed up yesterday at the HOOQ Free Play event, looking so fresh and happy.


    The power couple’s latest movie, “Never Not Love You,” was released more than a year ago. Since then, James and Nadine went on different projects, such as “Miss Granny,” “Ulan,” and the upcoming dance film, “Indak.”

    That’s why everyone is so excited when it was announced that Team Real will do a Filipino adaptation of the Korean thriller, romantic comedy movie, “Spellbound.”

    In a video uploaded by ABS-CBN’s Jefferson Fernando, Nadine said “yes” when she was asked about doing the much-awaited reunion project with her boyfriend. Who’s excited?!


    Meanwhile, aside from working on his music, the Multimedia Prince is also a judge of the top-rating singing reality show, “Idol Philippines.”

    Idol Philippines

    Nadine, on the other hand, is headlining the most epic dance movie of the year, “Indak,” with Sam Concepcion. It will be showing in cinemas this August. Watch the trailer below!

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    Insta Scoop: Marco Gumabao and Bela Padilla Lead Cast of Viva Movie Under the Direction of Thop Nazareno

    Image courtesy of Instagram: viva_films
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    Viva Films Reveals Movies for 2020

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