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Fashion for Big Boys

Thread created for the sole purpose for big boys, guys, men who are sized XL or more to look good and fashionable in the society...

First, you need to accept you belong to this thread. Feel the same experience with us feeling disappointed every time you go to any clothing store only to find out, they only cater to slim fit guys. Also, when you find an XL or more sizes, the designs are out of this world lol.

Share how to look good, where to buy the best shops that caters to plus sizes men, tips and suggestions. Let us help each other.

Note: Please don't suggest to go to gym and lose weight. That takes time and impossible to some. We already suffer insults bigtime...


  • ermonskiermonski PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Maxwear has great affordable shirts.

    tandaan mo lang na dapat hindi oversized yung clothing mo, dapat sakto lang sayo.

    kung sakali naman na masyadong malaki yung damit sayo, ipa-alter mo sa magaling na modista/sastre para sumakto sa body fit mo. kapag masyado kasing maluwag ang damit sayo, mas magmumukha kang malapad. And also, kung nagpapapayat ka, go ahead and get new clothes or have them altered while you are on the way to physical fitness (naks!) para habang pumapayat ka eh looking good ka pa rin at hindi nagmumukhang kurtina ang damit mo hehe.

    One thing to remember for clothing to make you look thinner than you really are, or if you're big and still want to look good:

    not too baggy, not too fit. dapat nakakagalaw at nakakahinga ka na pa rin ng maayos. clothing can either enhance or hide problem areas.

    I know because I'm also a heavily-built guy. :)
  • I tried maxwear but I don't like the designs and print. Also, sizes are not proportional. Limited na nga lang ang designs di ko pa gusto hehehe.

    Sa pants or shorts wala naman issue ang size, ang problema ko sa tops. Sa mga favorite kong brands like Guess, Arrow, etc walang XXL. Hanggang XL lang slim fit pa hahaha. Nakaka frustrate tuloy magshopping sa malls. Di nila naisip na magcater sa plus sizes eh mas marami naman pera ang matataba hahaha.
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