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Around how much does Brake Cleaning & Adjustment cost?

Hello, I notice my front wheel driver side(Tire, Rims, Disc Brakes) gets very hot even with short distance travel. I did some search and most reason is that the caliper is sticking.. Anybody here who experienced this? I will have my brakes checked on Monday mga nasa magkano ba ngayon mag pa linis ng brakes Metro Manila area?TIA


  • Usually in shell, brake cleaning is at php350 per brake. Just prepare though, baka hindi lang linis yan. The brake pads might need to be replaced, or brearings might need to be re-packed.
  • ^ had it done with proactive in manggahan pasig. satisfied customer. 800 for cleaning all four wheels. tama hinala ko ng drag nga yung front driver side hindi na siya sobrang init tulad ng dati. pansin ko din yung hand break inadjust so di siya lose and mababa palang kumakagat na unlike before.
  • You don't clean dead calipers you replace them or bring a handy fire extinguisher. Like the neighbor's classic merci caught fire in the freeway because of dead calipers. Youl notice it chirps, at times when your hand brake cords get stuck but if your calipers are really old you should change it just the same. When your brake is shaky have your rotors polished so the mekaniko will adjust the brakes for free so sino mas magulang ngayon hihi!
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