Best Deodorant/Antiperspirant for sweaty underarms (+odor)

ok guys, I used to have this embarrassing odor usually when I sweat, The problem is I have this excessive sweating in my underarms and that follows a super smelly odor. (to be honest, this lost my confidence, I am really desperate to get rid of this sickness, I have tried Rexona Dry for Men(blue), instead of removing the odor, it worsen, and Tawas powder seems to be no used also.
Can anyone suggest me the best deo/antiperspirant out there in the market? Thank you.


  • jeanrose770jeanrose770 Member PExer
    Odor can have a lot to do with diet. Try switching up your diet with some more fresh fruits and veggies. This can clean out your pores and release some of the toxins which harness smell as well.
    Also try putting baking soda and water paste under your arms in the am. That will help with the odor and moisture as well.
  • KnickknaxxKnickknaxx Member PExer
    I've tried the baking soda already, so far, doesn't work. btw, i eat veggies everyday. I guess this is really my curse.

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