India sends probe to Mars! — PinoyExchange

India sends probe to Mars!


When will we have our own? Sigh.....


  • BossVic
    BossVic Wala ** sa lolo ko
    177 Million Muslims in India
    making it 2nd largest Muslim country next to Indonesia. Sa mars probe walang Muslim involve.
  • OMG! I didn't know India was that developed in terms of technology... now to solve that overpopulation crisis hmmmmm....
  • crocopie
    crocopie Luis Suarez No. 7
    A manned space expedition would be very enticing for them.

    In fact, I think India would be very advantageous in taking up a space program.

    Low cost of living, a large pool of talented population, ample natural resources, they can compete with China, Russia, and NASA, of course!
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