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Ano nga ba talaga ang Pagan?

bakit marami ang nagsasabi na masama o demonic ang Pagan, diba isa rin ito sa pinaka unang religion sa mundo bago pa man tumapak ang Jewish at muslim religion!


  • The worship of God dates back when Adam was created. Neither Jewish, for Israel wasn't born yet. Neither Christian, for Jesus wasn't born yet. It's the worship of YHWH, an unpronounceable name. He revealed himself to Moses as the, "I AM".

    Paganism is the worship of other gods besides YHWH. This proliferation started when the Nephilim or Neph-elims roamed the Earth.


    Neph: of the sky/clouds/heaven

    "Greek n?phos a cloud, mass of clouds; see nebula"

    of the nebular clouds:


    Eli : god (singular)

    "Eli Eli lama sabachthani? Which is, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Mark 15:34."

    Elim: gods (plural)

    "Karel van der Toorn states that gods can be referred to collectively as bene elim, bene elyon, or bene elohim."

    Thus, Neph-Elim or Neph-Elohim - the gods that came from heaven or the nebular clouds - the offsprings of angels and men, came to be described in the Bible as the Heroes of ancient time, stuff of Greek/Roman mythology.


    noun (pl) -roes

    a being of extraordinary strength and courage, often the offspring of a mortal and a god, who is celebrated for his exploits


    Genesis 6:4

    The Nephilim were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

    Thus, Nephelims / Nephelohim = Greek/Roman Heroes of ancient times (of old) ? the gods and goddesses worshiped in the pagan world.

    Paganism is simply the worship of men of extraordinary powers having the progeny of a supernatural agent, that is, the angels, deeming them as gods and goddesses. In other words, paganism is Hero worship.

    These Nephilims are also described as ?giants? in some bible translations (Gen. 6:4 KJV). It is no wonder why all the graven images of the gods of the pagans are unusually depicted as colossal.


    The giant graven images/idols of Egypt




    Colussus of Rhodes


    Giant foot of Isis


    Hercules (toddler)


    Gigantic parts of gods and goddesses of Rome


    Giant sleeping buddha


    Giant hindu god




    Olmec giant heads


    Angkor Bayon giant heads


    Numbers 13

    32 So they gave out to the sons of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying, "The land through which we have gone, in spying it out, is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great size. 33 "There also we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight."
  • alaskador10
    Allah is a moon Goddess of ancient Arabia.
    Gusto lang naman ni Muhammad maging isa lang ang diyosa.
  • Qubetha wrote: »
    bakit marami ang nagsasabi na masama o demonic ang Pagan, diba isa rin ito sa pinaka unang religion sa mundo bago pa man tumapak ang Jewish at muslim religion!

    its propaganda. it dehumanizes the others which makes it easier for the religious hierarchy to mobilize opinion or actual soldiers against the pagans. This is one of the many mind hacks used to sidestep the natural empathy of humans

    Sociologists and historians often view dehumanization as central to war. Governments sometimes represent "enemy" civilians or soldiers as less than human so that voters will be more likely to support a war they may otherwise consider mass murder.[citation needed] Dictatorships use the same process to prevent opposition by citizens. Such efforts often depend on preexisting racist, sectarian or otherwise biased beliefs, which governments play upon through various types of media, presenting "enemies" as barbaric, undeserving of rights, and a threat to the nation. Alternatively, states sometimes present an enemy government or way of life as barbaric and its citizens as childlike and incapable of managing their own affairs. Such arguments have been used as a pretext for colonialism.

    its also the way used by anakin skywalker to rationalize his actions "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy" as seen in ep 3. But in this case its also a mind hack used to force moderates who would otherwise want peaceful co existence with pagans into action
    The phrase "you're either with us, or against us" and similar variations are used to depict situations as being polarized and to force witnesses, bystanders, or others unaligned with some form of pre-existing conflict to either become allies of the speaking party or lose favor. The implied consequence of not joining the team effort is to be deemed an enemy.,_or_against_us
  • I thought pagans are nature worshippers and that they believe that there is a spirt (or god or goddess) living and guarding every aspect of nature. Some are even guardians of the human societies and ensure order.. well at least that's what some pagans I know say to me..
  • alchemistofophir
    alchemistofophir Christian Communist
    Pagans are the real grass roots religion of the world. YHWH is just a Jewish invention.

    Native Filipinos were pagans too. They practiced animism before the coming of any organized religions.

    Paganism is original.
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