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The Trinity Is a Fact of Life

we have a thread about trinity but i decided to make this thread to demonstrate that the trinity is a fact of life.

The Trinity was a Gnostic realization by Valentinus, a Christian who was a candidate to be the bishop of Rome, or pope, that was injected to Orthodoxy. He founded the Valentinian Gnostic school which led him to lose favor of the Orthodox Christianity back then.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Or in Gnostic speak, The Father, the Mother and the Son.

We have a poster here named toroidalhelix who explained that the Father is the Masculine principle, the Holy Spirit is the Feminine principle and the Son is the Hermaphroditic union of both, if not, that what i understood him saying.

Anyway, I said that the trinity can be compared to the basic unit of creation. That is the Father, the Mother and the Children.

They are three persons operating as one unit of creation. As i've read too from a post, The Father, the Mother and the Children are three distinct persons, but made up of 1 flesh. Three persons, 1 God.

To bring something new to the table about the trinity, I will use binary mathematics to prove that the trinity is a fact of life, not really a mystery.

lets take the numbers 0, 1 and 2. The first 3 numbers in the number line. These numbers are archetypes of our biology. The Vagina is represented by 0, or the hole. The Penis is represented by 1, or the actual 1 in every males crotch.

in binary, the series goes from 0, 1, 10

to put it in a diagram



this diagram represents the union of 0 and 1. and they create a hermaphroditic union in 2 or 10.

2 contains 1 and zero. which can be split again to form



and the process continues.

and to add the three numbers, 0 + 1 + 2 = 3.

The trinity. Three numbers sufficing the process of eternal creation.

The Trinity is the Image of the Creator. Sex or creation, is of love. Creation is bound by Love. And we all hear the verse that God is Love. The Trinity, who is God, is bound by Love. The Loving God that created us all. And Love is above and beyond good and evil.

“What is done out of Love is beyond Good and Evil” - Nietzche


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