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ukay ukay supplier

japan bales now available
-asian sizes
-low low prices

-cash on deliveries within metro manila/pampanga
-nationwide deliveries accepted

why buy from us?
-we have a shop you can visit to pay and pickup your items
*pressman building 103 e rodriguez sr avenue corner bma quezon city*
-we do cash on deliveries within metro manila and pampanga
-we have the lowest price
-we are not resellers but real SUPPLIERS

for inquries please call or text

updated stocks as of
9/26/2014-11:27 am

Ladies Mini Dress - P12000
888 japan super quality mix Php 11500
002 CHILDREN COTTON RUMMAGE #2 100lbs Php7500
113 LADIES T-SHIRT/TANKTOPS #2 100lbs Php7,500
108 LADIES TSHIRT ASIAN L/S #1 100lbs Php4500
109 LADIES T-SHIRT NON-ASIAN L/S#1 100lbs Php4500
158 COTTON NIGHT WEAR #2 100lbs Php5,500
163 LADIES MINI-SKIRT#1 100lbs Php6000
164 LADIES DENIM MINI SKIRTS#1 100lbs Php6,500
165 LADIES DENIM SKIRTS#1 100lbs Php5500
193 DRESS #1 100lbs Php5,500
203 MEN RN T-SHIRT NON ASIAN #1 100lbs Php6,500
220 MEN T-SHIRT #2 100lbs Php3600
226 MEN COLLAR T-SHIRT S/S #2 100lbs Php7200
260 MEN COTTON SHIRTS #2 100lbs Php4,500
261 MEN MIX SHIRTS #2 100lbs Php3,800
300 ELASTIC PANTS 100lbs Php5,000
301 LADIES TROPICAL PANTS#1 28 BELOW 100lbs Php4,000
302 LADIES TROPICAL PANTS#1 29-32 100lbs Php3,900
304 LADIES COTTON PANTS #1 (28 BELOW) 100pcs Php5,500
305 LADIES COTTON PANTS #1 (29-32) 100pcs Php5,300
385 MIX JEANS #2 100lbs Php3,800
504 JOGGING PANTS 100lbs Php5,500
571 ADULT FLEECE JACKETS MIX 100lbs Php2,900
579 SWEATSHIRTS MIX 100lbs Php3,000
Pillow Cushion Php5000
Bags #2 P5000
PREMIUM 88 MIX CLOTHING 100lbs Php2,800
Tabora Mens color tshirt 100lbs Php5,500
Mix Jeans 100lbs Php7500
Men's denim shorts #2 100lbs Php6,500
Ladies Capri 100lbs Php7,800
Capri Pants 100lbs Php6,800
HHR #1 100lbs Php5,500
HHR 100lbs Php5,000
HHR #2 100lbs Php2,800
Curtains 100lbs Php8,500
korea bags white Php10,000
korea sexy shorts 100kgs Php15,000
korea sexy cut shorts 100kgs Php12,000
korea ladies skinny jeans 100kgs Php12,000
korea ladies colored skinny jeans 100kgs Php13,000
korea ladies blouse 100kgs Php12,000
japan ladies tops assorted 100kgs Php14,000
ladies tops assorted 50kgs Php8,500
ladies tank tops japan 50kgs Php10,000
ladies tank tops #1 100lbs Php9,500
ladies tank tops #2 100lbs Php8,000
Mix jacket trends 100lbs Php6,500
Hooded 100lbs Php6,500
Comforter 100kgs Php9,000
Stockings 100lbs Php5,000
Leggings 100lbs Php8,500



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