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MAX COLLINS Kapuso Actress , Model of dual American and Filipino citizenship ♕♛♕

♕♛♕ MAX COLLINS ♕♛♕Kapuso Actress , Model of dual American and Filipino citizenship ♕♛♕


  • watch for her

    i liker her


    also post new artists

    wag yung mga nandyan na

    we want new faces



    [highlight]iSABELLE FANATICS[/highlight]

    1)Jeanina- // jeanina00273 // july 27
  • :wave: hi thanks for visiting BiLLARY/DinoPress' thread!!
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    and btw we don't hate her =D
    you shouldn't hate blue hehehe kc we love him too together with BiLLARY
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    1)Jeanina- // jeanina00273 // july 27
    2)J`Mae- // ImStUcKwItChU14 // may 5
  • join ako :bop:

    i dont hater her.. maybe at first i
    thought she was going to be a
    contra-bida between Billary.. but
    i find her real pretty and nice..

    i still have a magazine of her way back 2004


  • pamelaaa wrote: »
    :wave: hi thanks for visiting BiLLARY/DinoPress' thread!!
    here's a little gift ^_^


    and btw we don't hate her =D
    you shouldn't hate blue hehehe kc we love him too together with BiLLARY
    cge thanks again for visiting our thread

    well.. i visit billary`s thread all the time cuz im the one who made it .. hehehe n/e ways well.. its not lyk i hate hate blue but i dont know.. i just hate that character of his..
  • how old is this girl? and is she like half american or spanish or something?
  • [highlight]ISABELLE ABIERA[/highlight]
    Age: 14 years old
    Birthday: Aug. 28
    Hobbies: yoga, dancing, singing and hanging out with friends
    Talents: drawing, writing, hosting and acting

    Filipino-American Isabelle Abiera lived in California until she was 10 years old. A typical teener who loves to hang out with her friends, she was discovered when she accidentally walked in a shop reserved for a shoot.

    Shy yet excited, Isabelle can’t resist the offer of becoming a celebrity.

    At the age of 11, Isabelle started doing commercials. She loves acting but given a choice, she would like to pursue her career in hosting. With her lovable angelic face, she is no doubt a star waiting to shine.

    Height: 5’7 1/2’’ Weight: 112 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel
  • she is so beautiful :love:
    People's Journal
    Mario E. Bautista

    TWO of the prettiest new stars at ABS Star Magic are Isabel Abiera and Jessy Mendiola. Isabel’s real family name is Collins. Abiera is her mom’s maiden name. Born on August 28, 1992, her American dad is of Irish-Italian descent. He and her mom met in L.A. while her mom was working in Bloomingdale’s. They split when she was 4 and she never heard from her dad again. Her mom remarried and she has a 7-year old brother.

    “We lived in Vallejo, California until I was 10 then we returned here and lived in Kalibo, Aklan, where my mom is from,” she says. “She found work in a Boracay resort and we stayed there, with me studying in Brent Boracay. I was discovered by a talent manager while I was with my mom in Market Market. Dinala ako sa ABS-CBN and after a year, I was launched sa Star Magic 15, along with Jessy who became my best friend. I’m glad we’re now working together in ‘Abt Ur Luv’.”

    Jessy was born on December 3, 1992 at the United Arab Emirates where her dad was working. The second of three sisters, her real surname is Tawile, her dad being British-Lebanese. “I was 3 years old when our mom took us ng elder sister ko to Manila,” she says. “Nag-split sila ng dad ko and my youngest sister, now 9, was born here nang magkabalikan sila. Tapos, nag-split uli sila. My dad now lives abroad but may communication naman kami. He calls us on the phone.”

    Isabel is 5’7" and Jessy is 5’6". Both of them have never had a boyfriend. In “Abt Ur Luv”, Isabel is paired with Dino Imperial (who she finds so “makulit”) while Jessy will be paired with Martin del Rosario who’s also her partner in “Natutulog Ba ang Diyos”.
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    1.) Jeanina - // jeanina00273 // july 27
    2.) J`Mae - // ImStUcKwItChU14 // may 5
    3.) Apple - // Appletej- // Feb 5
  • Pretty Isabelle,so charming !

    I like her beauty :)
  • So according to the article, it will be Fiona and Bill now? Hehe.

    c/o tv_explorer

    People's Journal
    Mario E. Bautista

    WE saw last Saturday’s episode of “Abt Ur Luv” and we were impressed by the acting of Empress Shuck and Dino Imperial as Hill and Bill, the young love birds who had to break up because of the pressure from Hill’s Ate Brenda (Carla Humphries.) Both of them are shown crying unabashedly after they split and you can really feel the pain they’re going through. Dino seems so carefree we didn’t think he’d be effective in a crying scene.

    Today at 3:30 p.m., Fiona (Isabel Abiera), who has a crush on Bill, offers to console him after she learned he has broken up with Hill. She openly conffeses she’s in love with him and she’ll do anything and everything to prove her love. Bill is overwhelmed by her confession and considers the possibility of giving her a chance in his heart. Inspired by Fiona’s aggressiveness, Lheny (Jessy Mendiola), in turn, also confesses her own feelings to her crush, PJ (John Wayne Sace), but he cannot reciprocate as his real love is Waling Waling (Erich Gonzales.)

    In turn, Blue (Enchong Dee) also comforts the brokenhearted Hill, listening to her every sob. Find out if she’d accept Blue as Bill’s replacement. You can still be a member of the Abt Ur Luv Fans Club. Just go to the ABS-CBN Audience entrance on Wednesday, 3 to 5 p.m., and look for Gidget de la Cuesta to register.
  • People's Taliba
    Dinno Erece

    NEW partners na sina Dino Imperial and Empress Schuck sa Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv.

    Last week, nag-split na ang characters nina Dino and Empress na Bill and Hillary sa kanilang Saturday teen show Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2) sa episode title na Fight for Freedom.

    Today after Nagmamahal Kapamilya, it’s another fighting titled episode na Fighting for Love dahil ipaglalaban na nina Isabelle Abiera and Enchong Dee ang right nila.

    Si Isabelle playing, Fiona, will go straight kay Bill to show how much she loves him.

    Si Enchong naman, playing Blue, will be very close na rin kay Hillary.

    Dahil sa lakas ng loob ni Fiona, pati ang kaibi-gan niyang si Lheny played by Jessie Mendiola, maglalakas-loob na ring ipagtapat ang pagibig niya kay John Wayne Sace.

    May magwawagi, may luhaan.
  • John Lloyd gustong paghatian nina Isabelle at Jessie
    People's Taliba
    Romel Placente

    HALF American ang baguhang si Isabelle Abiera, member ng Star Circle batch 15 ng ABS-CBN Star Magic at mainstay ng Abt. Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2).

    Ang nanay niya ay Fi-lipina while her father is an American.

    Si Dino Imperial ang kapareha ni Isabelle sa nasabing youth-oriented show ng ABS-CBN.

    Ikinuwento sa amin ng fourteener kung paano siya napasok sa pag-aartista nang makausap namin siya sa presscon na ibinigay ng Dos para sa kanilang da-lawa ni Jessy Mendiola, isa pang Kapamilya artist na kasama rin sa Abt. Ur Luv.

    “Last year, I was discovered sa Market Market (Taguig) po. I was walking there tapos may lumapit po sa aking talent manager. And then he took me sa Talent Center for VTR. Tapos mga three months after they called me back for go see. Tapos mga every few months, I went for go see. Tapos etong summer, isinama na po nila ako sa batch 15,”sabi ni Isabelle.

    Sa drama gustong makilala ni Isabelle.

    “Mahilig po kasi ako sa drama, eh. Lagi nga po akong nanonood ng mga soap-opera. And sa tingin ko naman po ay kaya kong magdrama.”

    Maging Sino Ka Man, ang paboritong serye ng batang aktes.

    “Kasi magaling ‘yung concept nila at ‘yung istorya. Tapos lahat ng mga bida roon — sina John Lloyd (Cruz), Bea (Alonzo), Sam (Milby) at Anne (Curtis)— ay magagaling.”

    Sina Claudine Barreto, Bea at Kristine Hermoza ang mga paboritong dramatic actress ni Isabelle. At si John Lloyd lang ang nag-iisang paborito niyang akor.

    “Magaling po kasi siyang umarte.”

    Na-meet na ni Isabelle si John Lloyd.

    “Naging partner po kasi kami sa isang production
    number sa ASAP. Ipina-kilala po siya sa akin ng handler ko na si Ate Ana.”

    At ang unang reaction niya nang makilala at makaharap ang kanyang hinahangaan?

    “Na-star struck po ako,”sagot niya.

    Samantala kung si Isabelle ay half-American, si Jessy Mendiola naman ay half-British.

    Ang ama niya na si Roger Charles ay isang singer at computer analyst sa United Kingdom.

    Si Mr. Johnny Manahan o mas lalong kilala sa tawag na Mr.M, head ng ABS-CBN Star Magic, ang naka-discover kay Jessy.

    “Nag-enroll po ako ng Public Acting Workshop sa ABS-CBN. Tapos po nakita ako ni Mr.M. Tinanong niya po ako kung gusto kong mag-artista, sabi ko po, gusto ko. Tapos ayun isinama na po niya ako sa batch 15 ng Star Circle,” kuwento ni Jessie.

    May common crush sina Isabelle at Jessy -- si John Lloyd Cruz.

    “Guwapo po kasi siya at magaling umarte,” pagtatapat ni Jessy.

    Parehong seksi at maganda, tiyak na may angkin ding talino sa pag-arte sina Isabelle at Jessy.

    Ang mga tulad nila ang mahirap isnabin ng kalalakihan.

    Ano kaya ang mangyayari kapag naging magkaribal ang dalawang dilag na ito kay John Lloyd, as leading ladies o maging sa totoong buhay?

    Hay naku, John, ang guwapo mo kasi, kanino mo kaya ibibigay ang iyong puso?
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